Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trip To Bamberg

June 12 was Independence Day in the Philippines. What did this little girl do? Gone on a trip to Bamberg with my Mommy and Daddy and other Filipino friends of course! Yes, we were off to Bamberg to join our new Filipino friends for their 3rd Santacruzan.

We left Stuttgart at 9:15am and the almost four-hour drive was smooth. We rented a small tourbus, one that accommodated 20 persons. I was the youngest and only child passenger but it doesn't matter if I didn't have a playmate because all the attention was on me. Hihi! I also had my very own seat beside my Mommy because there were still extra seats. I was comfortable and didn't even fuss. Yes, I love to travel especially if it isn't hot inside the vehicle.

We arrived Bamberg at around 1pm. We were greeted by the organizers of the event and were shown our seats. Then we had lunch. Since the Santacruzan won't start until 4PM, we decided to take a walk around the town. I enjoyed walking on the cobblestones, watching the ducks by the riverbank, playing at the mini-park and sitting on top of my Daddy's shoulders.

The festivities haven't even started yet and I was already enjoying myself immensely!

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