Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mommy, Are You Gonna Paint The House White Again?

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I love to scribble on anything I can get my hands on so that most of our white walls in the house have pen scribbles in them. I am driving my Mommy crazy because she finds it very difficult to scrub them off. It has only been a year since we moved here in our flat and my parents are bracing themselves for more of my scribbling. I love to scribble on our walls because they're all white... it makes me think they are giant paper!

If my parents don't want more scribblings, I think they should color the walls a different color. I have found just the perfect website where they can find a good color combination for our walls and ceilings. I think the Glidden website is amazing because it has a virtual room painter that allows users to choose different shades of colors for their walls and "paint" it on the rooms. There are also two coordinating colors available so that the possibilities are endless! I also love the Inspiration section of the website where you have color options for different themes and parts of the house.

But I know Mommy and Daddy wouldn't just buy the paints, they would like to at least try them out first to really see the actual output. With DIY being the "in" thing nowadays, one must always do things right the first time, painting projects included. With Glidden quality paint testers, my parents can try them out on the walls before they decide on buying. The paint testers are easily stored too compared to small cans of paints. What's more, the testers come with a handy brush included in the lid.

I can't wait to tell my Mommy and Daddy about this amazing project. I'll have to show them the website now. Hopefully, when they are done choosing the colors and trying them out, they will let me help paint my room in the colors they have chosen.

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