Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter Fun!

The days are getting warmer here. Today, it is already 12 degrees and the sun is out. Soon, I will be able to enjoy playing outside again without having to wear one clothing after another.

Winter was also a fun season for me. I just love the crunch of snow on the ground each time I step on it. Before the snow finally melts in the high lands, allow me to share with you some of my winter photos! I really enjoyed playing in the snow, especially now that I am more aware of my surroundings! I'm all curious and very much delighted to discover that something so feathery white can feel so cold to the touch!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Yena's World

The following Blog Review is an official entry to Kaye and Pehpot's Blogversary Contest. If you haven't encountered this blog yet, read on to find out why it's worthy of a visit.

Yena and I are almost of the same age, she is just a month older than I am. Although we still haven't met in the flesh, I feel that I have grown up with her. Thanks to my dearest Tita Anik who keeps me updated with her comings and goings through her blog, Yena's World.

I always enjoy visiting Yena's blog because she is one happy baby. Tita Anik sees to it that Yena's latest antics, photos and videos are available for my reading pleasure. Knowing that Yena has achieved another milestone just makes me feel happy. Although I am quite late in speech, I am sure that when parrot Yena and I meet, we will have lots of fun things to do! Sigh, I wish that day will come.

Tita Anik has entered Yena in a Baby Contest too. So I will definitely vote for her. Please support my friend too, will you? Tita Anik will definitely appreciate it.

I just love the blog's header, which includes a photo of little Yena. But I think it could use a little updating since Yena is now all grown-up, full of all that bubbly energy evident in a toddler. The blog's sidebar is filled with lots of helpful information and some ads. Wow, I think Yena is already making money at such a young age... Hihi!

Do visit Yena's World. She will definitely make your day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meet My Girlfriends

Hello everyone! How was your Valentine's Day? I hope you all had a wonderful celebration. As for me, I celebrated it with friends and we attended the birthday celebration of our Lola-Nanay. And we had a blast playing in Nanay's room and sharing chocolates! I am years younger than my two friends but they adore me just the same. They would always include me when they play.

And below are some of our photos before we got all messy from playing too much. These two wouldn't normally pose for the camera but I guess, in the spirit of loving and friendship, they gave in to my Mommy's request and gave their sweetest smiles.

Ate Madie is six years old, I will be turning two in a few weeks, and Ate Carmina is five.

With Ate Madie... she is our big Ate. She and Ate Carmina are cousins.

With Ate Carmina... She is Filipino-German but can speak
and understand Cebuano. Ain't she a cutie?

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Baby Is Now A Lady

I am turning two in almost two weeks. I had my vaccination and medical check-up last Wednesday. Physical indicators that I have grown since my last birthday are my height and weight. I am now 90cm tall and 12.55 kilos.. No wonder Mommy and everyone else keep complaining that I am too heavy! Although I can't communicate well yet, maybe because of the different languages I am exposed to namely German, English, Tagalog and Bisaya, it is indeed confusing for a toddler to handle! Hihi! Just wait till I can talk! :D

Here's a couple of my latest photos. I was all dressed up here because we were going to the Mall. I guess this was taken on a Thursday afternoon. I have grown so much, right?

Munching Choco Krispies while watching my favorite cartoon.

Posing like a model??? Nah! I was busy watching the TV
and Mommy was blocking my view!

And yes, it is almost Valentine's Day and I wish that everyone feels the LOVE! I hope that you spend it with your loved ones: your family, siblings, friends, lover, pets, cousins, or whoever it is who makes you happy and feel special. As for me, I will of course be spending it with my Mommy and Daddy.

Enjoy the special weekend everyone! Happy Valentine's Day and for the Chinese, Gong Xi Fa Coi!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My First Haircut...


Me + Bathtime Fun = A shorter hair! Huh?

I had my first ever haircut last January 7th. Mommy thought my hair was already too long so that she decided to trim it. She was giving me a bath then and while I was playing in the tub, she got a pair of scissors and started cutting away! I wasn't scared though because I had a distraction: my bath water and my tiny floating bath toys.

My Mommy proudly showing off my wet locks.

A happy and lighter-headed me!

The Before photo... but not really taken on the day I had my haircut.


Can you tell if there is any difference at all?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thanks Mom and Dad!

This is my newest toy, a Fisher Price Pile Friends City. I received it from my Mommy and Daddy last Christmas. I really enjoy playing with the small blocks... I can make them slide, drop, and they can hide their faces. There is music playing too... and the tune changes each time I move the rolling pin. Thanks Mommy and Daddy for it.

Come play with me! We'll definitely have loads of fun!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Indoor Playground Fun!

A few weekends ago, Mommy and Daddy took me to the indoor playground in Sindelfingen. I was sleeping in the car and was awakened by my Mommy... telling me that we have arrived. I had to idea at first where we were... It snowed the previous day and the parking lot and everywhere around me was covered in ice. Then we went inside a simple building and was surprised to find that it was warm, and filled with laughter and squeals of children. I have never seen so many children in my life until that day. And I really had a lot of fun! Thank God there are places such as Jolo's Kinderwelt... children from all ages can still enjoy and have fun indoors!

The giant soft mountain and the huge crocodile!

Bouncing up and down was so much fun!
I can't play at the trampoline area yet and this was the next best thing.

The mini-train... It was so much fun!

Riding the small carousel. I almost didn't want to get off!

Trying the Little Tikes slides at the toddler area.


Jolo's Kinderwelt GmbH
Herrenwäldlestraße 15
71065 Sindelfingen
Tel.: 07031/68 42 83 - 87
Fax: 07031/68 42 17
Entrance Fees (weekends and holidays):
Parent: €4.00 per person
Small Children (between 1 & 2yo): €3.50
Children: €7.00
Disabled Children: €4.00

Monday, February 1, 2010

Thank You For Visiting

It's been a while since I acknowledged all my loyal visitors. I know I have not been reciprocating your drops and visits for quite some time now but please know that all your drops and visits and comments are valued and appreciated. I just don't have enought time to blog because my toys and books and children's TV shows always distract me.

But now that I have some time, please let me THANK YOU for being so wonderful all these years! And to my top droppers for January, a million thanks a very warm hug from me.

Hope to see you all again this month! I promise to keep you posted about me!

Up In The Sky

The London Eye by day...

I had a lot of fun riding one of the capsules of the London Eye. It was a cold day for us to be going out but because we were already there, we decided to take a ride in London's giant ferris wheel. It was crowded that afternoon and it was already 5:00pm when we lined up for boarding. It was perfect for us though because of the night landscape.

Me, enjoying the night up in the sky...

With my Mommy who is as delighted as I am...

The ride took about 30 minutes and it was an exciting feeling to be slowly going up. You cannot even feel that you are already way up high in the sky because the movement was very slow. From up the capsule, one can enjoy a 360° view of the city of London and yonder. The Big Ben and the Houses of Parliaments looked very beautiful too! One can also see the beauty of the Thames River that runs through this magical city.

The London Eye at night... I love its blue glowing color.

A view of the Big Ben and the Thames from the capsule.
Breathtaking isn't it?

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