Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stacking and Tumbling

Hello everyone! This is me taken a month ago. I am still a little round here because I wasn't sick yet. Hehehe! And look what I have discovered? It is fun to stack boxes and blocks. I delight at seeing them tumble down and make a crashing falling sound. Another fun discovery for me!

Stacking my milk cartons. It was fun to see them all tumble down afterward!

My colorful circular blocks.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I recently discovered something fun to do here at home. This happened weeks ago, even before I got sick. I love to hold a pen, settle down in my little chair, with a paper at hand, and scribble away!

Mommy discovered that I am right-handed too, just like them because I hold the pen mostly using my right hand.

Below is my first sheet. The name and the flower were drawn by my Mommy. I can't draw or write yet but the doodles and unrecognizable scribbles were still a joy for my mommy that she placed all my "artwork" in a clear book! Hehehe!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I Made My Mommy Proud Today!

Why? Because I am such a very good girl!

We went to my pediatrician (Kinderartz) today for my vaccination. The sky was dark and it threatened of a heavy rain that Mommy was praying loudly that it won't rain. Perhaps she was also secretly dancing the SUN-DANCE while she was taking a bath this morning just so it won't pour! Hihihi!

Anyway, we came it at 10:30AM and we were promptly ushered into the examining room. My doctor asked a few standard questions that doctors normally ask before having a vaccination. Like if I was sick, do I have a temperature, stuff like that. Then he checked my lungs and heart and breathing with his stethoscope, which I am already accustomed to because Mommy and I play doctor-patient sometimes. Then he checked my ears and then my mouth. Everything was okay and normal.

Then came the vaccination. Mommy held me in her lap and the doctor pricked my left arm with the injection needle. And I never cried nor wailed. I flinched a bit from the pain when the vaccine was injected but that was all.

My doctor was surprised too because I was very quiet. Most little children like me normally would wail and throw a fit!

Then Mommy hugged me tight, gave me a gentle pat and said, "Very good girl!" I guess I made her really proud!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Why Am I Wearing Mommy's Shoes?

Hello everyone! My Mommy, having quite a good memory when it comes to remembering TV commercial scripts and jingles and lyrics to songs, loves to mumble some lines every now and then. I remember her musing the following one day:
  • Little Sister: Ate, why are you wearing Mommy's shoes?
  • Ate: Because...
  • Little Sister: And why are you wearing Mommy's skirt?
  • Ate: Because...
  • Little Sister: And why are wearing Mommy's earings?
  • Ate: Because...
  • Little Sister: Why are my Flinstones different from your Flintstones?
  • Ate: Because I'm going to be a woman soon...
  • (a few moments later...)
  • Ate: Why are you wearing Mommy's make-up?
  • Little Sister: Because! (Giggles!)
Are you all familiar with this TV ad for the Flintstones vitamins? It used to run during her childhood and pre-teen days.

I am still on the shoe part... I still have to look for my Mommy's skirt and make-up but it looks like she doesn't have any! LOL!

I love this pair of sandals of my Mommy because it is flat, and I love to watch the beads as they move and jingle about each time you make a step.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where's The Helmet?

My Daddy just got home one day from go karting. He was exhausted but despite that, he still played with me. We were just having fun and goofing around. And this is what happened:

Me in a balaclava mask. Where's the helmet Dad?

Do you know what I am wearing? It's called a balaclava mask. It is used to hide the face and is usually worn by bad guys if they want to disguise themselves and hide their faces. But it has more to it than that. Balaclavas are worn to keep away the chilling cold, and is used also by racing drivers as added protection and so that sweat won't make their helmets smelly.

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