Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Am Dora

Ever since I discovered Dora, I would repeatedly ask my Mommy to play the recorded series of Dora the Explorer on our TV. This cartoon series from Nick Jr. is just a delightful way to learn numbers, colors and songs and follow simple directions. And because the German language is a little bit complicated because the different nouns have a gender (feminine, masculine, neutral) Mommy also enjoys watching it with me because she also learns German. 

I really love watching Dora, Boots and Backpack as they go on an adventure, following Map's directions. Usually there are three places that they would need to go to and I really enjoy it when they sing songs together and when they are able to stop Swiper from swiping things that Dora needs to complete her "mission". I love hearing Swiper say "Ah, mano!" that I would repeat what he says and would also say, "Ah, manu!", with matching pouting lips.

Anyway, you must have already known that my Lola (grandmother) and Lolo (grandfather) are already here with us. They arrived last Thursday. My Lola bought me lots of clothes, including a Dora blouse and short terno which I instantly loved and three Dora dakki pillows from my Mama and Mommytita (Mommy's mother and sister respectively), which are equally beautiful! I particularly love the pencil-shaped Dora pillow. All the pillows are just so soft and cuddly. Thank you Lola, Mama and Mommytita for the gifts! I love them all!

So, do I look like Dora the Explorer now? Hihi!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Time, Vacation Time

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Kissimmee Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer is officially here, and that means vacation time for me and the family. I don't know where we're going this summer but I would definitely love it if we go somewhere that has everything for the entire family. Last summer, we went to different countries in Europe and I must admit, the long drives and the moving around disoriented and exhausted me. How I wish we could just go somewhere where we could just access numerous attractions and do various activities in just one place, just like in Kissimmee, the heart of Florida.

Did you know that there are lots of fun and memorable things to be had by the entire family at Kissimme? I already have a number of things in mind should we get the chance to vacation in this area.


1. Go on a boating expedition in an airboat on Lake Tahoe with the family. And then perhaps, a little fishing on the side.

2. Visit Walt Disney World. We have been to the Tokyo Disney Resorts in Japan two months ago. There is just something magical in this place!

3. Explore the creatures of the sea and ocean at the SeaWorld Orlando. Marine life has always fascinated me and the family. It would be nice to see them up close.

4. Have a hot air balloon experience and watch the beautiful sunrise! An excursion of Florida from a bird's eye view is a refreshing and exciting adventure.

5. Take the heritage trail and experience living in Florida as it once was: live in the Cracker House, work in the sugar cane mill and blacksmith shop, shop in a 1900 general store.

The above-mentioned activities are just some of the things that I am sure me and my family will love. If you are planning your dream vacation too, why not check Kissimmee in Florida out? There are lots of wonderful stuff in store for you, and each is guaranteed to give you lots of beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Storytelling Time

I think you already know that I love to read. Mommy has bought lots of English books and then some German children's books so that I will know how something is called in English and in German. I know that a book is called a book and that it contains lots of photos of animals, numbers and letters. I have books that make sounds too and also a pop up book.

You might ask me if I can already read. My answer would be not yet but I can recognize images from the books and would point at them and tell Mommy what they are. Sometimes, I would pretend to tell stories and would just mumble away with my not so sensible words. It was one of those instances when I was unknowingly caught by my Mommy on video and so I am sharing it with you here. I guess what you will only grasp in the video is the word elefatie, that is how I pronounce the word elephant.

Can you guess what book I am reading here? It's a book about animals at different places. Mommy taught me the song Old MacDonald Had A Farm and each time I see this book and my Old MacDonald Had A Farm book, I would instantly hum the tunes and then sing the words "Ei, Ei, O" when I get to the chorus. I know how an animal sounds like too but Mommy hasn't caught me on video on that one yet. Will post about that one when Mommy gets the chance.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Because

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of 1-800-Flowers. All opinions are 100% mine.

My parents are very special to me. They are the first people who I come to know intimately and who love me unconditionally. And for that reason, I want to give them something special. No, there is no special occasion. I just want to send something special for them on an ordinary day. I have been hearing my Daddy complaining that he is very exhausted and tired each time he comes home from work. My Mommy is also kept busy with lots of stuff that she needs to do here at home. And I thought that an unexpected flower delivery on a very unexpected day will surprise and make her day. I am also thinking of getting a bonsai plant for my Daddy that he bring with him in the office to add some life to his desk. They say that a plant helps to brighten things up. A bonsai is also considered a lucky plant and wards off negative vibes.

I just know the perfect store to get those fresh bunches and bonsai plants: at 1-800-Flowers. If you got someone special that you want to surprise, why not check them out? I am sure you too will find the perfect bunch of flowers or gift basket for that special someone.

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I Want A Mercedes!

I finally met Tito Max and his friend Tito Sebastian last Saturday. I was shy at first because it was my first time to see them. It took me the entire day before I finally warmed up to them, especially to Tito Max. Hihi!

Why the sad face? I just woke up here..

Anyway, we just showed them around the city and visited the Mercedes Benz that afternoon. Good thing it stopped raining already and so we were able to endure to walk going to the museum. It was a busy Saturday in Stuttgart because a fun-run was also held on that day in the vicinity. Roads were temporarily closed and we had no other option but to park somewhere else.

But seeing these beautiful cars made it all worthwhile. Although I slept through most of the tour inside the museum, I was able to see and appreciate the newer models.

And that's a yellow Porsche behind me. We also stopped by the Porsche Museum and took snaps outside since it was already closed.

When we went home, I finally warmed up to my Tito Max and asked him to carry me. What did he say? "Mabigat man pala cya ano?" (Isn't she quite heavy?) Hahaha! What a comment! I thought he was going to say, "You are so pretty Sam! Kakagigil ka!" Toinks!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Does My Dad Wear A Watch?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Voctorinox Swiss Army. All opinions are 100% mine.

A watch or timepiece is an essential accessory. It tells the time, it helps keep track of how long have you already been doing something or how long have you been travelling. I always overhear my Daddy asking my Mommy, "What time is it?" and my Mommy would look at her watch and tell him the time. I guess that alone pretty much answers the question whether my Dad wears a watch or not.

That being said, I think a timeless gift is in order. And I know that he will love to have a Victorinox Swiss Army watch as a gift. He used to have a watch but the leather strap was already very old. I know that he will go back to wearing it if the straps were replaced. But it's difficult to find a matching leather strap and a new watch like the one above will be much appreciated. There are lots more timepieces available in the collection and you may find them here:

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Reading Is Good For You

Mommy introduced me to the beautiful world of reading when I was still a very small kid. She bought me lots of books, mostly board books so that they would be difficult to tear apart. When I was smaller, I would munch on any book that I can get my hands on. When the pages have movable parts in them, I would tear them and remove them out of curiosity. This drives my Mommy crazy because books, after all come with a price.

But I have already mellowed down in my book-tearing and book-destruction phase and would play pretend and browse the pages, telling my own story while pointing at the photos. My words though are still unclear but Mommy can already catch some words and what I meant. My parents expose me to different languages: German, English, Tagalog and Cebuano so that at the age of 2 years and 3 months, I still cannot construct a complete simple sentence. But as they say, to each his own so my parents are not rushing me into things.

For now, I enjoy the books that my Mommy has lovingly prepared for me. She would sometimes read a story to me but I prefer it when I am the one in charge, when I am the one telling the story. Perhaps I got that trait from her.

A Little Something For My Dad

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Swiss Army. All opinions are 100% mine.

You must have already known by now that me and my family love to travel. We always manage to find a new travel destination at least once a month. And I remember how my Daddy would make sure that our car is in top condition, and that all the hand tools that we might need during emergencies are with him. The glove compartment always contains a flashlight, a swiss army knife, and emergency vests. The swiss army knife always comes in handy. I remember how Daddy would use the swiss army knife to peel and slice my apples into bite sizes, how he would tinker with the wires just so he can hook the laptop and keep me entertained while we travel long distance, or to cut up some pieces of paper into different shapes to distract me. 

But I observe that the swiss army knife Daddy has is getting a little rusty so that I would love to get him the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Dual Pro X as a belated Father's Day gift. I am sure that my Daddy will love this one as he loves to tinker with gadgets too. He is an electronic engineer by profession and is officially my Mommy's computer technician and having the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife in his pocket will be very helpful.

If you want to give something special to your Dad or your husband, then the Victorinox Swiss Army knife is the perfect gift. I am sure they will appreciate it.

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I Heart Starbucks

Last Sunday, Mommy and Daddy and I went downtown for dinner, some warm drinks and a stroll in the park. We ate at a sushi restaurant but I did not eat any sushi. I only splurged on the miso soup and some sushi rice. They were yummy!

After dinner, we then went to the Neues Schloss Garten (New Castle Garden) in Schloßplatz. I really enjoy going there because of the water fountains and the wide lawn where I can run. It was a little chilly so that we decided to grab some coffee at Starbucks. It was a good thing that the place was not packed with people because they were elsewhere drinking beer and waiting for the live coverage of the FIFA World Cup. It was Germany against Australia last Sunday and they just can't miss their team's first game!

So Daddy ordered cafe latte for himself and chocolate moccha for my Mommy. My share was my milk. But when my Mommy's drink was cold enough for my tastebuds, she let me have a sip. It was yummy! And I did not return her cup anymore. See the evidence? I love her chocolatey drink. And I heart Starbucks. It was a very cozy place. Perfect for spending time with family and friends if it is not so crowded.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hungry For Some Thin-Crust Pizza

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Freschetta. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love to eat bread. I love it freshly baked and warm and mildly flavored. And I can never say NO to pizza. When Mommy goes to the grocery or the pizza parlor, she would always think of me so that she won't forget to bring home a slice for me.

While my appetite changes from time to time, I can eat anything as long as it's got bread in it. Freschetta FlatBread is no exception. I would willingly try it out because I haven't tried thin crust pizza yet. Hmmm... I can already smell the aroma of freshly baked pizza in our oven and I am getting hungry. I would go for the Zesty Italian and Pepperoni. I like meaty stuff you know. And I find pizzas with lots of colors more interesting  and appealing to eat. I will of course add my favorite pizza topping: tomato ketchup for a more hearty meal.

Love pizza? Then I recommend that you try the Freschetta FlatBread Pizza. These are specially created to bake up incredibly crisp. And because it's thin crust, you get all the goodness of pizza at lesser the calories. Check out the other thin-crust pizza flavors online and get the coupon to save $1.00 on your pizza!

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Trip To Bamberg

June 12 was Independence Day in the Philippines. What did this little girl do? Gone on a trip to Bamberg with my Mommy and Daddy and other Filipino friends of course! Yes, we were off to Bamberg to join our new Filipino friends for their 3rd Santacruzan.

We left Stuttgart at 9:15am and the almost four-hour drive was smooth. We rented a small tourbus, one that accommodated 20 persons. I was the youngest and only child passenger but it doesn't matter if I didn't have a playmate because all the attention was on me. Hihi! I also had my very own seat beside my Mommy because there were still extra seats. I was comfortable and didn't even fuss. Yes, I love to travel especially if it isn't hot inside the vehicle.

We arrived Bamberg at around 1pm. We were greeted by the organizers of the event and were shown our seats. Then we had lunch. Since the Santacruzan won't start until 4PM, we decided to take a walk around the town. I enjoyed walking on the cobblestones, watching the ducks by the riverbank, playing at the mini-park and sitting on top of my Daddy's shoulders.

The festivities haven't even started yet and I was already enjoying myself immensely!

Mommy, Are You Gonna Paint The House White Again?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Glidden. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love to scribble on anything I can get my hands on so that most of our white walls in the house have pen scribbles in them. I am driving my Mommy crazy because she finds it very difficult to scrub them off. It has only been a year since we moved here in our flat and my parents are bracing themselves for more of my scribbling. I love to scribble on our walls because they're all white... it makes me think they are giant paper!

If my parents don't want more scribblings, I think they should color the walls a different color. I have found just the perfect website where they can find a good color combination for our walls and ceilings. I think the Glidden website is amazing because it has a virtual room painter that allows users to choose different shades of colors for their walls and "paint" it on the rooms. There are also two coordinating colors available so that the possibilities are endless! I also love the Inspiration section of the website where you have color options for different themes and parts of the house.

But I know Mommy and Daddy wouldn't just buy the paints, they would like to at least try them out first to really see the actual output. With DIY being the "in" thing nowadays, one must always do things right the first time, painting projects included. With Glidden quality paint testers, my parents can try them out on the walls before they decide on buying. The paint testers are easily stored too compared to small cans of paints. What's more, the testers come with a handy brush included in the lid.

I can't wait to tell my Mommy and Daddy about this amazing project. I'll have to show them the website now. Hopefully, when they are done choosing the colors and trying them out, they will let me help paint my room in the colors they have chosen.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Join Me For A Joyride!

I really enjoy going on road trips with my family. The green scenery, the traffic, the fresh air, the beautiful landscape and city scenes all make for an interesting ride. But there is another kind of ride that I really find very interesting and enjoyable. These rides are exclusively for kids, with lots of colorful cars in various shapes, sizes and colors, and it just goes round and round in circles, following a track. The place where these rides are available are usually packed with people, with lots of children running around and shouting cheerfully, and laughter and music and a dash of occasional shrieks here and there can be heard. Do you already know what I am talking about?

Oh yes, I am talking about the rides at an adventure or theme park or at a festival. It was my second time to visit the Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest but it was my first time to take the rides. And everything was so exciting! I loved every ride that I have been to and wouldn't even get off the car except when my Mommy or Daddy would physically remove me from the kiddie cars. That part is not fun though. Hehe!

Daddy said that he won't take me to the Frühlingsfest next year because it is too expensive, with me always wanting to try out the rides. Hmmm.. let's just see if he can resist. Hihi!

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