Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Want A Mercedes!

I finally met Tito Max and his friend Tito Sebastian last Saturday. I was shy at first because it was my first time to see them. It took me the entire day before I finally warmed up to them, especially to Tito Max. Hihi!

Why the sad face? I just woke up here..

Anyway, we just showed them around the city and visited the Mercedes Benz that afternoon. Good thing it stopped raining already and so we were able to endure to walk going to the museum. It was a busy Saturday in Stuttgart because a fun-run was also held on that day in the vicinity. Roads were temporarily closed and we had no other option but to park somewhere else.

But seeing these beautiful cars made it all worthwhile. Although I slept through most of the tour inside the museum, I was able to see and appreciate the newer models.

And that's a yellow Porsche behind me. We also stopped by the Porsche Museum and took snaps outside since it was already closed.

When we went home, I finally warmed up to my Tito Max and asked him to carry me. What did he say? "Mabigat man pala cya ano?" (Isn't she quite heavy?) Hahaha! What a comment! I thought he was going to say, "You are so pretty Sam! Kakagigil ka!" Toinks!

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