Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Am Dora

Ever since I discovered Dora, I would repeatedly ask my Mommy to play the recorded series of Dora the Explorer on our TV. This cartoon series from Nick Jr. is just a delightful way to learn numbers, colors and songs and follow simple directions. And because the German language is a little bit complicated because the different nouns have a gender (feminine, masculine, neutral) Mommy also enjoys watching it with me because she also learns German. 

I really love watching Dora, Boots and Backpack as they go on an adventure, following Map's directions. Usually there are three places that they would need to go to and I really enjoy it when they sing songs together and when they are able to stop Swiper from swiping things that Dora needs to complete her "mission". I love hearing Swiper say "Ah, mano!" that I would repeat what he says and would also say, "Ah, manu!", with matching pouting lips.

Anyway, you must have already known that my Lola (grandmother) and Lolo (grandfather) are already here with us. They arrived last Thursday. My Lola bought me lots of clothes, including a Dora blouse and short terno which I instantly loved and three Dora dakki pillows from my Mama and Mommytita (Mommy's mother and sister respectively), which are equally beautiful! I particularly love the pencil-shaped Dora pillow. All the pillows are just so soft and cuddly. Thank you Lola, Mama and Mommytita for the gifts! I love them all!

So, do I look like Dora the Explorer now? Hihi!


Umma said...

Hello Sam... is that you already? Wow!! you look so grown up now and so pretty..

btw, I am inviting your Mom to join $300 worth Brand new Coach Satchel Bag Contest". Hope she can take a peek and join as well.

chubskulit said...

Can I borrow Dora Sam?

Carmen A. said...

Yes, little Sam, you look like Dora with your cute pink outfit.

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