Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Help This Baby Grow Her List

Mommy told me that it pays to be friendly, nice and generous to other people. It helps to build your network of friends and allows you to be a well-rounded individual. I know I am still a baby and I guess I need all the friends to guide me and help me survive that big world out there! Mommy also told me to be careful with who I befriend because although every human being is inately good, their circumstances in life sometimes make them bad. So I am writing this in the hope that YOU who are of good heart will respond to my call. :D

Will you exchange links with me please? I am still starting this blog and would really love to be friends with babies, kids, the young-at-heart and the kind-at-heart, and yes, mommies and daddies too! Will you help me? Please just leave a comment here and I will add you on my list.

Thanks a zillion to everyone! And please, no bad words. That really is a no-no here. Hope to hear from all of you soon!


Umma said...

Just added your site to my list. Your baby is so cute.. Pls do the same too so we can often visit each other.. take care.

Babette said...

What a cute baby! Thanks for asking to exchange links. :o) I already added you to my blogs:

Definitely Maybe

Everything Plus the Kitchen Sink

Lifetime Mom

Mom said...

I'll add you to my Sites to See list. I love visiting and reading all about your newest adventures.

Thank you for asking so nicely. Honey is really good for catching flies...

The Art and Science of Parenting

gengen said...

I would love to exchange links...Add me and tell me if you finish ok? Thanks.

Samantha Ysabelle said...
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Yz said...

Hi, Sam! Do you have a badge? I would like to post it here in my playmates section page. Thank you!

vivapinay said...

Hello Samantha, I love your blog.. nice template and nice content.

I will add you in my blogroll and hope you could add me too.

bonz said...

Hi Little Sam!
mommy put your badge on my blog... you can see it here:

and mommy's following your blog too!

happy day!

Little Zoie's Steps
Zoie's Mom Blogging
Just Love Blogging It
Pink Stuff Galore
Bonz World ~ Meet the Chef Wannabe~

juliet said...

hello! added your badge in my blog -

wish you add my badge too!

thanks much!

and .....


the all-around mom said...

hi! just followed your cute little blog and grabbed your button, too. :)

stay happy!

MeMe said...

Hey wanna join some exchange links.

Here's my blog URLs

I'm putting your site on my list of these two blogs. Hope you could also add mine too!


Connie Myres said...

Hi...I added your badge to this page:

You can also find my badge on that page. Thanks for trading!

Harry said...

Hi, Nice post! Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



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