Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Having Fun at Killesberg

Pretty flowers... I wonder what they are called.

Killesberg is a very big park and is about a 10-minute ride from where we live. I love coming here because it allows me to get some fresh air, discover and feed animals, see flowers, enjoy a view of the city and have a great time meeting new friends and playing in the Spielplatz. We could also have a picnic at any spot we choose and savor the fine weather.

Driving my Mommy crazy.

Slide fun! Wheee!!!

Enjoying the swing!

Interested but keeping a safe distance.

Mr. Donkey is hungry. He was sniffing for food.

Geez! Look at them fat geese!

Killesberg is beautiful in spring. The tulips and many other flowers come to life at this time of the year. Things begin to turn green so that everything looks fresh. And I can also begin to play outdoors without catching a cold.

I love it when Daddy lets me ride on his shoulders.

Delighted to be out in the open field!

This summer would be a great time to visit Killesberg again. With the warm and hot days, the water playground will be open again to the children and Mommy and Daddy said that I could try it out when Lolo and Lola arrive on the third week. I will have to prepare my swim suits then. I wonder if they still fit... Hehe!

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