Monday, December 27, 2010

Girls and Music Boxes

I guess it is every little girl's dream: to own their very own special music boxes, the ones that last and they will treasure even when they have grown to become adults and pursuing their dreams.

Each time I see musical boxes, even the musical jewelry boxes, my eyes will always light up with wonder and amazement to be hearing such wonderful music each time you open the lid. It amazes me how it works, as if there is somebody inside, a violinist perhaps, playing a song. It makes me wonder how a simple box can transform into something really beautiful once you open the lid.  

I am even eyeing some baby music boxes that I saw at the store. One has a ballerina image in it and another one has got butterflies. I could fill it with all things magical and nice: girly accessories, my favorite little toys, and mementos from friends and family. All I need now is someone who would be willing to give me one. My 3rd birthday is coming up in two weeks so I guess to those who don't have a clue, this is it! I am after all, a little girl who would love to receive really nice and beautiful things.

A White Christmas

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as I had! It was our first Christmas here in Stuttgart even though we came here April 2009. Why? Because last year, we spent it with my Uncle's family in England. And because it is our first Christmas here, Mommy and Daddy made sure that it will be a memorable one for us.

Christmas Eve came with a very wonderful surprise. It began to snow softly and by evening, everything was covered in white. We went to our friend's place to gather with their family and it was a very fun evening for me. I even received another gift! I had such a blast there, and got to play with my auntie-lola's guests and grwon-up children. Then we went back home at past ten because we want to spend Christmas Day at home. I was also very excited to open the gifts that Mommy placed under our tree.

Before the clock struck 12, we gathered by our tree to take some family photos. I was just so happy to be in our warm home, with my family, and just spending Christmas with them. Then at twelve, I started opening my gifts. My Daddy fell asleep on the couch because he was already too tired and sleepy. He still hasn't fully recovered from his flu, that's why. 

Look what I got for Christmas from my Mom and Dad? I got a toy xylophone, memory game set for small kids and an animal puzzle set. Thanks Mom and Dad!

And of course, we went out on December 25th and 26th to hear mass and take a walk. We also visited friends.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Gift of Giving

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

Christmas will always be a wonderful event because it is filled with merry-making, cheers and smiles. Each time we hear the song, Silver Bells, we remember the joy that the Christmas spirit brings. Christmas this year seems more meaningful for me and my family because I am now aware of the season. I always find wonder and amazement in the little and great things related to the season: the Christmas tree, carols playing in the air, Advent masses, parties and exchange gifts, even Santa Claus, his reindeer and Mr. Snowman.

It is a Christmas tradition to give holiday gifts this time of the year. While some of us may already know what we want to give to our loved ones this Christmas, many are still clueless and would buy at the last minute. For those who are not quite sure yet, one great gift idea would be to give a gift basket that is filled with an assortment of items. With a gift basket, there ate lots of possibilities. You can put in beaded necklaces, jeweled box sets, purse compacts for the Glamour Girl in the family, or yo-yos, plush stuffed animal, whistle, mini puzzles, coin purses for the little kids, or relaxing, indulgent bath and body gifts or pedicure sets neatly contained in a star-shaped basket for your aunts and cousins.

Where to get all this amazing and great stuff? At Pier 1 where else? Did you know that Pier 1 also supports Toys for Tots during the months of November and December? If you want to make your Christmas more meaningful, you can drop off an unwrapped toy or make a cash donation at the register. Or better yet, like Pier 1 Imports on Facebook. Every new fan is equivalent to $1 donation for Toys for Tots.

May you all have a meaningful Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What? No Airconditioning?

It was spring of 2009 when we first arrived here in Germany. We were lucky because our bodies were able to adjust to the weather gradually as it turned from warm to hot to cool to very chilling cold. The great surprise came when summer came because room air conditioning is not very popular here especially in homes. The do have a centralized heating system to ward off the cold on those cold winter nights but the houses are not just designed to be air conditioner ready.

Mommy had to open all the windows just to let the air in and was even considering in getting us a Ceiling Fan. She thought about it long and hard, even made some research on Ceiling Fans, trying to find out where to find the best deals and which are considered the best in the market today.

It is not so much on the price actually. If you really want your ceiling fans to work for a very, very long time, you must of course take into consideration that it is durable, and will give you the best efficiency in terms of energy savings and of course, in terms of its capacity to effectively cool down and ventilate a room. The room where it will installed needs to also be considered in buying them. The design must also be considered and if you are planning on buying in bulk, there are Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans available that are energy star qualified.

If deciding on which ceiling fan is the best is difficult, one can always find out who makes the Best Ceiling Fans here! And as for us, we could really use one. I know it is still winter but there's nothing wrong in planning for the future right?

Thanks for the Gifts!

Last Friday, I attended a Christmas Party. I knew it was gonna be a great one because it is, after all, a Christmas party dedicated to us little children. I really had a great time dancing with my friends, playing with them, watching some great dance performance and of course, I was so delighted upon seeing Santa Claus and receiving lots of gifts from him.

Mommy and I arrived together with my friend and her Mom and brother. We were hitching a ride in their car because my Daddy cannot come with us. He was sick that time and he wasn't feeling well enough to drive. Besides it was snowing that time so we decided that he stay home and rest and then just come to the party when he is feeling a little better.

The function hall was all set for the party. The Christmas decors were up and I really had fun with my friends, even goofing around when there wasn't so much people yet. We also danced and when it was time to meet Santa, all the children were gathered around to meet him.

When it was finally time for Santa to distribute the gifts, everyone was so attentive. I too was very alert, waiting for the moment when Santa will call my name. True enough, when he called "Samantha", I immediately stood up and went to him to get my gift. My parents and our other adult friends were so amused with me, and they kept saying how much I have grown since last Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who gave me gifts! I really loved all of them!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Guitar Lessons with Daddy

I love my Daddy's music. He would play his guitar on a daily basis and practice on his strumming and plucking and while he plays, I would happily dance in front of him. When Daddy is not looking and when he is not around, I would sneak to his guitar and try my fingers on them, strumming the strings. My Mommy would encourage me to try some more and she would tell me I am doing great because I was able to make it sound. But I do not really know how to play the guitar. I just strum the strings and that's it!

My Daddy is planning all along to teach me how to play the guitar when I am a little bigger. As a start, he let me hold his big guitar while he was guiding my hands. It felt great to hold the guitar in that manner, one hand holding the neck and the other hand positioned so that the guitar body is securely tucked under your arms. But his classical guitar is too big for me. I guess, when I am ready and I would really choose to play the guitar, my Daddy will buy me a smaller one if I ask for it. Besides, I know that he won't let me use his guitar for practice because I might scratch it or worse, break it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Room of My Own

I am currently co-bedding with my Mommy and Daddy. That means they share their bedroom with me. Although we do have an extra room here at home that is supposed to be my bedroom, it is currently being used as an "office" and playroom. There is still much to be done for it to look like a little girl's bedroom and if Mommy and I were to collaborate, I know we will just come up with a very nice design fitting for a little girl like me. 

For a start, I would like to hang something unique on our white wall such as a name art, with my name spelled the way I want it to be: with lots of color and with pictures of my favorite animals too! Isn't animal art a fun way to learn about animals? And my Mommy and Daddy can teach me more than their names. I could learn how they sound like, what their behaviors are and why they look like that. This alphabet art is indeed a very interesting piece for a child's bedroom.

Next will be a bed, one that will grow up with me, which means that it can be adjusted and expanded when I become too big for the current setting. And I will need lots of storage containers too: for my toys, my coloring materials, my hair clips and ribbons and other stuff a growing little girl like me is interested in.

So what else do you think we should add?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Can Put My Clothes On

Hello everyone! In less than three months, I will I turn three years! That fast right? Mommy keeps saying that I have grown so much! And grown have I. I would sometimes even opt to put my clothes on by myself. The below is me trying to put my socks on. But mind you, I put on my tights, pants and white long-sleeved blouse by myself! Mommy was just too slow to get the camera so that she only managed to take a photo of me trying to wear my socks.

And speaking of putting my clothes on by myself, there is this children's song that I really love to listen to. We actually have a DVD of that song so that I got the idea on how to wear my own clothes by myself there. The song is of course entitled I Can Put My Clothes On By Myself and below is the lyrics. If you want to listen to it, the song is available as an MP3 Download at Amazon. :D

I can put my clothes on by myself;
I don't need help from anyone.
I go through my drawer,
And choose what I adore,
Then proudly check the mirror when I'm done.
So what if both my socks are not the same;
I like getting dressed when I can choose.
If one sock is white and red,
and one is blue instead,
My feet will still stay warm inside my shoes.
And when I wear orange pants with my green cap,
You may think they clash with my pink shirt.
But I might have a style,
That helps the world to smile,
And surely you'll agree that cannot hurt.
Oh, I can put my clothes on by myself!
I don't need help from mom or dad.
It takes more time I know,
Right now I'm kind of slow,
But taking time is really not so bad.
'Tho I can't tie my shoes like brother can,
It won't be long 'til I can do it too.
'Tho I'm just learnin' how,
I have no problem now,
My velcro shoes will do just fine, thank you!
So what if I wear winter clothes in spring;
I'll just throw some off if I get hot.
Who cares if I'm not dressed
the same as all the rest;
On my block I'm still the proudest tot.
I can put my clothes on by myself;
I don't need help from anyone.
I go through my drawer,
And choose what I adore,
Then proudly check the mirror when I'm done!
Yes, I can put my clothes on by myself!

At The End of the Rainbow...

I have heard of it one too many times. They say that at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold. If this were true, many people would have become extremely rich. But wait, there's more. This pot of gold is guarded by magical creatures called Leprechauns. Perhaps that is why I don't know anyone who owns a pot of gold.

For the many people who have got retirement plans, the good news is that it is now possible to own their very own pot of gold by investing physical gold in their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). In the United States for example, workers are given this privilege of 401k retirement savings plan. They can in turn invest it in IRA gold and have their 401k gold account in no time. They can actually deposit Gold American Eagles, which are mass produced bullion coins or the limited Gold proof American Eagles, which are exempt from confiscation under the Executive Order of 1933. 

But why is gold so important and why is it a good investment? Because when the economy suffers, it's value rises. Negative economic conditions, war, inflation only helps to valuate it. If I get my own job and be given the privilege to set up my very own IRA account, I would definitely set up a gold IRA account. That way, I can secure my and my family's future.

Image by: Ripatapir of

Meet My New Cousin!

I just heard some really great news from our family in the Philippines. Mommy's younger brother's wife just gave birth to a little girl they named Marianna Nicole. She came out a little late, at 42 weeks but I am happy that she is now out in the real world. She is such an angel isn't she? According to my Mommytita Rose, she loves to sleep a lot.

I know that Kuya Miggy will look after you little Nicole. You are lucky to have him by your side as you grow up because you have an instant bodyguard and protector. I know that he will adore you and take care of you as if you are his own little sister. I look forward to the day when I too can also meet you. I know that we will become really good friends and great cousins, just you wait and see! I hope your Mommy and Daddy and Mommytita Rose will post more photos of you on Facebook so that I can also see you grow.

I pray that you will always be a healthy baby Nicole. May your guardian angel watch over you always. Know that many people love you so much, including me! Welcome to the family!

Friday, December 3, 2010

What Shall I Give You This Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner. I know my Mommy already has her Christmas list. I wonder what she will give me? But I too would like to give her something this Christmas. I don't know yet what to give her but I want to give her something that she will appreciate and use.

I am thinking of giving her Murano glass jewelry. Although she is not so keen on wearing jewelry, she certainly could use one for those LBD (little black dress) days. I remember that she used to wear a gold necklace with a very tiny heart pendant. But she lost it somehow and now, she no longer has a necklace. I want to give her something that she could wear on her neck again. I know it's not much but I think she will love Murano pendants. She likes handmade products you see because no two products are the same.  Or I could give her household items made of the same material such as these tumblers.They look so colorful and will add life to any dining table!

I know that she will love it because she didn't get to buy that many murano glass souvenirs when we went there for a vacation two summers ago. But whatever it is that I give my Mommy this Christmas, even if it is just a simple kiss and "I love you", I know that it will make her happy.

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