Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Luxury Wear For Children

Following is just a smattering of the types of custom handmade shoes and children's fashions that are available in order to make your child stand out in the crowd in comfort and style:

The Elephantito Mocassin matches hand-made stitching, shirt style collar, full grain leather upper, breathable leather lining, a cushioned leather-covered footbed, and brogue leather tongue as just some of the details of this quality-made slip-on shoe.

The Brown Leather Bootie is ankle high, has elastics on the sides, and Brogue detail on the front. This is meant for either a boy or a girl.

The Suede Red Bootie is for stylish toddlers.

Mary Jane Shoes have always been loved by girls and their mothers. You can get them in Patent Red, Silver, White, Pink, Patent Black, Patent Navy, White With Piping, Ivory with Buckle, Silver for Baby, Baby Metallic Champagne, and more.

Baby Ballerina Shoes with a bow come in white, pink, or leopard.

Girls Dresses and Rompers come in a huge selection. Some of the unusual ones are these: 
Spring Floral Tunic Dress 
Floral Smocked Dress 
Red Plaid Classic Dress with collar 
Red Plaid A line Dress with bow 
Blue Plaid A Line Dress w/Front Pleat

Blouses and Shorts 
Classic Short Sleeves Pink Blouse 
Peasant Floral Blouse Peasant Pink 
Plaid or Turquoise Blouse and Shorts White Linen 
Shorts or Skirt with White Linen 
Sleeveless Blouse Pink Cotton Bodysuit

Girls Coats and Sweaters 
Blush Pink or Scarlet Red Crossed Winter Coat 
Tweed Guava Princess Coat 
Strawberry Knitted Long Sweater

For the Baby 

Spring Floral Romper with Bows 
Mauve Feathers Smocked Shirt Dress 
Mauve Feathers Fitted Dress with Short Sleeves 
Silk Knitted Dress 
Red Plaid Party Dress with Sash Pink or Light Blue 
Pima Cotton Baby Pull-on pants 
White Baby Boy Linen Set 
White Baby Set with Bubbles
More Information is a fine example of a manufacturer of luxurious children’s wear including their very wearable and elegant clothing collections using top-quality natural fabrics and their signature all-leather shoes with a one-of-a-kind feeling.

In 2012, they opened a state-of-the-art shoe factory in Peru, MGF Peru, and equipped it with new Italian machinery and well-trained shoe artisans in order to take style and quality to new levels. That 5,500 square foot premises has a production capacity of more than 12,000 pairs of shoes on a monthly basis.. After having 12 years of success selling wholesale, opened its first Lifestyle Store on March 1, 2016, in South Miami, Florida.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Crafting at the Kindergarten: Schultüte

Soon I will be going to the first grade in school. And I am quite excited about it. Why? I will tell you all in a short while. There has been a lot going on and so many things have happened since my last blog entry. But I need more time to write about them one by one so for now, I will talk to all of you about one of the things me and my mom did at the Kindergarten in preparation for my going to school in September. Wow, time does fly so fast....

But first, what is a Schultüte? It is an old school tradition here in Germany wherein the first grade children receive a school cone on the first day of school. "At first the practice of the school cone, which did not spread to other parts of Germany at this time, was to not give the bag to the kids directly. Marked with the students' names, they were taken to the school by parents or godparents and in a ritual, reminiscent of the Mexican piñata, hung on a metal "Schultüten-Baum" (School cone tree) from which each child had to pick their cone, without breaking them. The story told to the children goes, that there is a Schultütenbaum growing at the school, and if the fruits (the Schultüten) are ripe and big enough to pick, it's time to go to school for the first time." Originally, it is filled with sweets but as the years went by, it became filled with more practically gifts like crayons, CDs, small toys, and even clothing articles.  

Some details of my school cone: the shiny pegasus horse,
the flower with the lady bug, the crepe paper cover.
Me and my Mommy. We are proud of our beautiful craft!
And what about my Schultüte? Well, It has a horse motif since I am at the moment crazy over horses, the magical ones in peculiar. I enjoy My Little Pony and Fillys a lot so that explains the horse motif. The main figure is a pegasus horse which mommy traced on a glitter paper from a drawing and then we cut it out and glued it on the cardboard cone. Since Mommy came in a bit late, we had to hurry up so to make it more interesting, we made different colors for the wings and for the mane of my pegasus horse. Then I put in small flower details with topped them with wooden lady bug figures. We added some more shaped glitter stones to make it more attractive. My teacher then helped to put in the pink crepe paper around the wide opening of the cone: this will serve to hide the contents of the Schultüte later on. And voila! My Schultüte is finished... I wonder what surprises my parents and other relatives will put inside as gifts for my going to school. Perhaps small, cute stuff for school and sweets too. That is what I am more excited about. 

Or maybe I can make a list of the things that I wish my schultüte will contain? Hmmm... What do you think shall they be? Keep a look out for my next post to find out! :)

Finding Wholesale Clothing

If you don't like going to stores to purchase clothing that is expensive, then consider buying wholesale clothing online. There are various items that you can find online that are in almost the same condition as you would find in a retail store. Some of the items have slight deformities such as a button that is a little bit off of the center or a tag that was misplaced. You can still wear the clothes, but these reasons are why you can save money on them. 

From new arrivals at the company to items that are from the previous season that you can get on clearance, you can complete your wardrobe at companies like Find children's clothes to go back to school as well as clothing that they can play in since it's not as expensive. Women can find sweaters, jeans and dresses. There are also items for men. Each season brings new specials and new pieces of clothing for the entire family. When you order several items at one time, you can usually get discounts on the shipping fees. Items are sent directly to your home instead of dealing with the crowds of people at stores and malls.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Self-Expression Through Dance

As a parent, it is important for us that our children are able to express themselves well in a confident manner. Helping them to build this trust in themselves and nurturing their ability to express it is essential in their growing up years. So how do you become instrumental in this one?

Allow your child to engage in dance activities or classes. You will find that their shyness will slowly go away as they try to move up to the beat and rhythm of the music. If you are afraid that your child is not comfortable in his or her street clothes, then by all means find appropriate dancing clothes for her. You can find good gymnastics leotards among others at DanceMania. These will help your child to move freely and actively.

It is also important to ask your child what kind of dance he or she is interested in. It would be a bad idea to enroll him or her in a jazz class if their interest is in hip hop or ballet. It's like throwing them in a pot of boiling water.

Look for good reputable dance schools. If you want your child to have a feel first of what the class would be like, find schools that offer 1-2 trial classes. You will know it would be all the effort and money if you see your child's smile on her face and making new friends. Show your child that you are willing to support their passions and interests. And they will love you more for it! :D

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