Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Bunny Or Two For A Day

These are my furry friends for a day: two furry little bunnies. Aren't they cute? They look quite real, don't you think? At first, I was afraid to touch them and would keep a safe distance because they look strange to me. Then Mommy told me that they are Kaninchen (German word for rabbits or bunnies) and she even sang the song that I love so much that shows a Kaninchen in it. Then, I was no longer afraid.

These are no ordinary bunnies. They can walk and talk endlessly. They make pip-pip-pip sounds for a long time once you switch them on. They hop for a while and stop to make a pip-pip-pip sound and then hop again. They are such cute creatures because their long ears and tails also move while they walk. They also hop about and would come near you for a hug. They also feel soft to the touch and are great companions if you are just playing by yourself. Yes, these bunnies really make good company. Too bad I can only have these furry bunnies for a day because they are not mine... My Kuya Mevin generously shared them with me and let me play with them when we visited them in Switzerland. That was very great of him.

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