Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pearls Make A Bride Prettier

Freshwater pearls are the gems that everyone has been talking about the last generation or so. They are in fashion trends around the world and they can’t seem to escape the hearts or any women. These gems are way too desired without the high price that everyone seems to assume they are. These natural gems are worn by thousands throughout the nations and will continue to become more popular. Not only do they have powers to enhance your life, they also are very unique and diverse from each pearl, creating the statement of individuality.

Me (and Ate Audrey): flowergirls to her parent's wedding.
Bridal jewelry is the most wonderful gift to pass down to younger generations, so having pearls be a part of the new tradition will only add more love and importance to them. For a number of decades these gems have been a part of wedding selections and will continue to be a part of them. They are the quality and worth that everyone wants with the simplicity of making sure the crowd focuses on the bride. They are so special and using them for an occasion like that, makes them that much more memorable. So the newest update is that these pearls are the fashionista’s most wanted accessory.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Kikay Me

Hello everyone! It has been a while and I hope you are all doing well. Did you know that I have a grown a lot these past few months. My Mommy thinks so. Although I still cannot prepare my own clothes to wear for the day, I know how to choose. If my Mommy would choose something that I don't like, I wouldn't wear and ask for something else instead. I know it is a bit bothersome for my mommy, Sorry Mommy! but she lets me wear what I want as it saves her more energy and time.

I love to wear dresses and skirts and even match the color of my shoes with the color of my dress. I also like to accessorize when I feel like it. My mom and I dress so very differently... I guess I am the more kikay type. But I guess most little girls are. We love all the small, sparkly, tiny, pink, pastel, cute stuff.

How about you? Do you love wearing dresses and girly stuff too?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going To The Dentist Is Fun

My first visit to the dentist wasn't a very nice one. It was at my Mommy's dentist and I really got scared at the lady dentist so that I always dread the thought of having to go back there. Then one Saturday, I had one of those terrible toothaches and so Mommy and Daddy had to bring me to the dentist who is on emergency service. Mommy also told me that I need to see the dentist so that she can make the pain go away otherwise, I will be crying in pain the whole weekend. Since it was a different dentist, I wasn't very scared. Plus, the lady dentist was so nice and explained to me what will happen. And I was also given a small toy after the filling was done.

The ball pool at the waiting area. I just love it!
Just goofing around while waiting for my turn.
Then I got an appointment with a new dentist who specializes in children dentistry. The clinic is called Der Milchzahn, which means "the milk teeth". I loved how the clinic looked like. Everything was awash in white and green.. very calming colors. I like the waiting area which has a large aquarium, and a ball pool at the corner where the children can play. There were also books and small board games for kids to play while waiting for their names to be called.

At the examination room. I love the chair! It also serves as a slide when you're done!
This photo was from my second appointment. I was all smiles for my Mommy.
They had to fill and fix the right part of my teeth. Open wide! 
My lady dentist was very nice... She explained to me every step of the way what she will do and showed me how the different devices that she will use work. I had a total of three appointments so all of my teeth will be fixed. And I didn't even cry once even though it was kind of painful.

A short break before we continued. It was also tiring for me to keep opening my mouth. :)
Just a little bit more and I am done!
I am allowed to choose one small toy from the treasure chest after each session. Ain's that great?
My dentist told me that I am a very brave little girl that she even gave me a certificate for being exceptionally brave at the end of the three sessions with her. Now I have healthy teeth and I look forward to seeing my dentist in four months!

Yes, going to the dentist is very fun indeed! I look forward to my next visit. Until then!

By the way, if you are in Stuttgart and your mom is also looking for a children's denstist, I would recommend my dentist. The clinic is located at Hirschstrasse 26, 70173 Stuttgart in the same building as Jako-o. You can find more information on their website at dermilchzahn.com.

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