Friday, June 4, 2010

Playing The Thinker's Game

I have discovered a fun new game to play. Here's some hints: it requires a checkered board, two sets of stone characters, one black and the other white, and some strategy to win. Can you already guess what I mean? My Daddy loves to play this game and I bet that he will teach me how to play the game properly when I am bigger so that he has someone to play with. You see, my Mommy doesn't know how to play this one. All that she knows how to play is the game called dama, which is an entirely different game.

In this particular chess game, my Daddy was playing against Uncle Dodoy, our friend in Switzerland. It has been a while since he last played so that he was already a little rusty. But a few more games and he got the hand of it again. Although I had no clue how the game is played, it still looked interesting enough. I even pointed to my Daddy where to move next! And what do you know? It's a check mate!


Alice Law said...

Wow~!! Such brilliant little girl, she knows how to checkmates at such tender age?!! Bravo!

Please have a great weekend!

Bambie ★ said...

it's been awhile my dear =) way to go.. im sure you'll gonna be a chess wizard someday..

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