Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dressing Up For the Homecoming

Little as I am, I love going to parties. Whenever I am invited to one, I almost always ask my mom if I could wear a dress. Most of the time, I come wearing a dress since in most of these gatherings, we always get the chance to dance.  

Perhaps when I am grown, I will never tire of wearing dresses, being the "princess" that I am. I would look forward to those school dances when I would dance the night away, wearing my best dress. Even when I am already away from school and starting my own career, there will always still be chances to dance especially during Homecoming. I may not be the homecoming queen but just being there at homecoming will be more than enough. It would be lovely to see old familiar faces again and reminisce on days past. But I know these are yet to happen many many years from now. 

But for those of you who are going to the Homecoming this year, do you already have something to wear? I think the Homecoming is an important event in an alumnus' life and it doesn't happen very often. So if you still haven't got anything to wear, there are a lot of appropriate dresses to choose from. For this season's homecoming dresses 2013, there are many designs and colors to choose from.

I especially love this little black dress in A-line and chiffon. This will look good on anyone!

Or this princess cut A-line dress in champagne color is also very sweet and elegant and perfect for the younger ones:

Start looking now for your homecoming dress and look your best in this year's Homecoming! And oh, let me know how it went!

Friday, August 23, 2013

I Love Bonchon Chicken

One of the things I love about the Philippines is that I am able to eat rice whenever I want, wherever I want. All restaurants serve it and even fastfood chains like McDonald's, Shakey's Pizza, Pizza Hut, and KFC to name a few have rice in some of their combo meals. Great isn't it?

The very happy me! Mommy granted me my wish to eat at Bonchon Chicken!
Enjoying my crispy squid rice.. I love eating with my bare hands!

There's this one restaurant that serves really good chicken in soy garlic flavor. I really love going to this place almost everyday if my Mommy can help it. But ironically, what I love in this place is not the chicken but the crispy squid rice. I could most of the time eat the entire serving!

My favorite crispy squid rice in soy garlic flavor.
Photo: bonchon.com.ph
I guess you could say that I am always hungry as far as crispy squid rice is okay. I love the sweet garlic glaze on the squid rings. Now that I am back here in Germany, the closest thing I can have to crispy squid rice is the frozen calamari that my Mom deep fries for me. Perhaps she can look for a recipe for the soy garlic sauce that she can pour on top to make it the crispy squid rice that I so dearly love. Now that's one great idea! :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Water Fun!

Hello everyone! I am back from my summer vacation and baked at that! I had a wonderful time with my family. We went on a five-day vacation in Lake Garda in Italy, about six and a half hours drive from where we live. The long drive was worth it though! You'll find out why from the photos.

As you may all well know, I love water. We go swimming at the swimming hall near our place at least twice a week. Maybe because I was born in the month of the water sign? Or maybe because of the summer heat... who wouldn't want to dip in the pool in these warm days right? Whatever the reason, I just love having fun in the water. I feel so free whenever I am in, near or surrounded by water.
With my Mommy... :)

He will always catch me when I fall... The slide was great!
"Mommy let me steer the boat this time. You pedal... "

The water is really good! Not so warm and not so cold either!
Swimming with daddy while mommy steers the pedal boat in our direction. 
Swimming in the lake... it was so much fun!
"Can I go for another round in the slide?"
Going up and ready to slide again!
Pretending I were a pirate! Ahoy pirates!
Trying to build a sand castle to no avail... Hehe! :)

So there, I hope you enjoyed my photos as much as I enjoyed being in the water.

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