Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Choose Your Webhost Well

I enjoy blogging every now and then. This blog started out some two years ago and everyday, I learn. I learned what webhosting is and how essential it is to find a very reliable webhosting service especially if you are managing a website that offers also a product or a service. I learned that wtih the many options available on the world wide web, it is wise to first read about hosting reviews before engaging in a service so that you are able to weigh your options, the pros and the cons.  I also learned from blogging that you should only worry about the content and let your webhost do the rest.

Your blog is only as good if your webhost is dedicated to giving you the assurance that your blog will be live or online on the Internet round the clock and that the security they offer is very good so that no hackers are able to take down your website. I have heard of blogs whose webhost servers have been hacked and whose bloggers are unable to access their blogs because of it.

That is why it is important to read and ask other bloggers before getting your website hosted... It is your website after all and you have all the right to choose. Choose your webhost well.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Prinzessin Lilifee Musical

Hello everyone! Wow! It has been a while since I blogged in her. Sorry about that. Mommy was too busy to notice that I neede to blog too.

But anyway, so many things have happened in the last three months or so. And what do you know, in four months, I will turn four! I am growing up so fast, don't you all agree? I won't even allow my mommy and daddy to call me a baby anymore.

Proof that I have grown is the fact that I went with my Gro├čtante Lolit and her husband to watch the musical, Prinzessin Lilifee last 20th November at the Liederhalle without my parents. Ain't it cool? And I really had a lot of fun. It wasn't boring at all since there were also other little girls like me sho went to see it. The theater hall was packed but I had lots of fun. I love ballet you see and the Prinzessin Lilifee characters as well. I just love it when they danced ballet and they also sang pop songs.

I don't mind watching this musical again... Perhaps next time, I'd get to watch other ballet musicals like the Swan Lake or the Holiday on Ice. With so many musical shows and performances just within our reach, I know another opportunity will come. I wonder who will treat me to one the next time around.... :)

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