Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's Your Birthstone?

I was born in February, so my birth stone is Amethyst. It is purple in color and my godmother even gave me a ring with my birthstone in it when I was born. Unfortunately, I can no longer wear it because my fingers are now too big for it. Maybe Mommy can buy me a necklace and I can use the ring as a pendant.

When I am older, I know I will be insisting on wearing diamonds. Good thing there are now lots of Man Made Diamonds in a variety of colors so that perhaps, I could get a purple diamond. That would still look like an amethyst right? I think a Fancy Red Diamond will do. Mommy already looked online and found this fancy purple pink diamond that will be perfect for a birthstone. Perhaps she can buy this for me as a gift when I am big enough to appreciate jewelry.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas

The holiday season is fast approaching. It seems that when the first -BER month came, the air seems cooler and in many countries where Christmas is celebrated, the mood seems more cheerful and hopeful.

People begin to plan for the holidays and they also start to make their lists. Choosing a gift however can be a difficult task especially if you don't know where to start. If you are having a difficult time choosing just the perfect gift for your loved ones, here are some ideas:

Custom Tshirts: I guess this is one of the things that never go out of style. And with a custom tshirt, you can create your own design so that it is one of a kind, a unique piece.

Posters: You could always make a little reasearch and find out what your loved one is most interested in. Then you can get him/her a poster that shows that particular interest. Or you could simply send out a short message in the form of motivational quotes or something cute like animals. I am sure they will appreciate it and will remember you when they see it.

Ornament Gifts: If the person you are planning to send the gift to hasn't started decorating yet, you could give him/her personalized Christmas ornaments. That will save them the time and the worry on what to hang in their christmas trees. They would also think it was such a sweet thought.

You can be as creative as you want. You could think up of countless other things. Just remember, it doesn't matter if your gift is inexpensive or small. What matters most is that it came from the heart. It is always the thought and the sincerity in giving the gift that counts.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shrek! Shrek!

Guess what I have in my hands? Yes, you are right! I got a laughing and noisy Shrek. Even if I held him upside down, he would give out his ogre-ish laugh and some other snorting sounds. This is a free toy from McDonald's Happy Meal. It's really cute! I do not eat often at McDonald's though. Mommy and Daddy are just not that into McDonald's. But my Kuya Luis and Tito Leo are big McDo fans... Kuya Luis loves eating chicken nuggets and french fries especially when they are on the road.

Many stories and legends have depicted ogres as cruel creatures, who would eat humans and destroy anything that is in their way. Ogres are what put children early to bed. Ogres are what keep children form wandering too far in the woods. Ogres are what keep children from disobeying their parents. Until SHREK came... 

I first met Shrek during Christimas last year at Madame Tussaud's in London, a wax museum where every figure seems real. It was Mommy who introduced me to him. He was indeed a very huge creature, and green and shabby-looking too. But I wasn't afraid. He wasn't real after all. And he looked friendly enough. I even checked out what's underneath his ogre clothes. Hahaha!

Got Insurance?

Health is wealth they say. Whoever believes otherwise do not care about their well-being at all. That said, I think it is important that every person be entitled to proper health care at very affordable rates. That's what health insurance companies are for.

Whoever you are, whether you are a student, a dependent, or an employee, you are entitled to health insurance. Even companies and organizations have business health insurance coverage to protect the well-being of everyone working in that organization. Not only that, they also must maintain a business insurance policy where the coverage of the insurance is stated. 

In most cases, an insurance policy must cover foremost the health insurance. Any business entity can always get a group health insurance quote from a number of reputable insurance providers. Then disability and life insurances will also need to be covered to guarantee an employee and its family members some income or compensation in case of injuries and even death. Business property insurance will protect your business in case of flood, fire or other disasters. General liability insurance will also need to be covered especially if you conduct your business at your place of residence. Business interruption insurance and workers' compensation are also vital and needs to be covered in an insurance policy.

I Love Puzzles

A few months back, Mommy bought me a new set of board puzzles. It is an eight-piece board puzzle and has got animal figures die cut and each piece connects horizontally. It's really a very interesting puzzle and I will show you why in the succeeding photos.

I guess Mommy knows that I am interested in them because I keep seeing Timmy das Schäfchen on TV playing with them. Mommy would hear me say excitedly "Puzzle! Puzzle!" which I would pronounce as "poohsell, poohsell" so I guess she got the clue. I just enjoy solving and playing with puzzles.

One cloudy day, I got confused on what to do at home. I still haven't started with Kindergarten yet so my days are confined to playing inside the house. I was wondering what to do then... so there I was, giving my Mommy a questioning look.

WIth so many toys to choose from, it could indeed be quite confusing. I contemplated whether I would play with my puzzles or not. But then again, I chose to play with it. Hehe!

This type of puzzle is a good way for me to develop critical and analytical thinking. No two puzzle pieces fit in the same board so that I really had to think. My hand coordination is also developed during the process.

There, I did it! I managed to fit Bruno the Bear into his proper board!

After attaching all the other animals into their proper card pieces, I only had to connect them properly. This time, both sides of each card have a certain gap shape and I only had to find the corresponding piece.

Here I am, almost finished connecting all the pieces! And you can see that there's a pig, a mouse, a zebra, a frog, a bear and a duck. There is also a dog and the last card contains a puzzle piece of all seven of them. These are called "Die Lieben Sieben" or "The Beloved Seven".

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ready for an Exciting Fall TV?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of TiVo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fall is just around the corner and for many couch potatoes like my mom, it means the premiere of all-new seasons, or better yet, of new tv shows. Since we are moving houses anyway, we sure could use a switch to TiVo Premiere so that we can watch the exciting and new Fall TV and be able to relate to our friends when they go talking about it.

Mom for one is excited to watch the new comedy Mike & Molly and I am sure, Daddy will love the Better WithYou show because it was created by one of the brains behind his favorite Comedy show Friends. I am particularly keen on watching Glee because I heard that Charice Pempenco will be in it.

Plus it comes with the Slide Remote, which has a QWERTY format keyboard so that it is easier to browse for our favorite shows.

You can now catch TiVo on Facebook too. Go click on their Facebook Fan Page and stay tuned for updates, promos and premiere announcements. And if you want to get this ergononomic, peanut shaped remote, simply Enter to Win in the "30 Slides in 30 Days" Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes ends on September 22nd so hurry! You just might get lucky!

Visit my sponsor: Fall’s Hottest Entertainment

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Boating Adventure

I haven't experienced going on a camping trip yet nor have I gone on a fishing trip but I surely would love to experience them both. Perhaps when I am a bit older, me and my family could go on an outdoor trip: camping, hiking, fishing and doing other outdoor stuff. For now, I am happy and delighted to be sitting on a small boat pedalled by my Dad while eating ice cream and doing a little cruise around a lake. 

I have tried doing the scenario mentioned above and it was indeed lots of fun. I couldn't even wait to get on the small boat so that I insisted on sitting on a defective boat that was docked on the port while waiting for our turn to board the boat. I was able to ride one when we were driving through the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse along the Black Forest in July.

This was one of my summer adventures with my family and I was really happy to be out in the great outdoors. I got some more photos to show and more stories to tell but those are for some other blog entries. Hope you all stay tuned. 

Thanks for the visit!

Having A Hard Time In School?

It is back to school once again for many schoolchildren. Although not yet on K-12 myself, I am aware that many are starting on a new grade level and that means, adjusting to many things: schoolwork, classmates, subjects and so much more. It is also time to go back to reading books, solving problems, getting homeworks.

But school is easier spelled than attending it every single day, with all the Math questions that many K-12 and college students are faced with. That is why online tutoring can help a lot in solving these sometimes seemingly complicated problems. 

Many students hate Chemistry. I don't know why because I haven't studied it yet but the moment they hear about it, they would complain. They sure could use Chemistry help from my Mom or any other able tutor for that matter. 

But why online tutoring? Because children and young adults these days are more into computers and find the virtual interaction more appealing and interesting than having a face-to-face tutorial. Students can get a better understanding of prime numbers through a virtual whiteboard workspace that both the tutee and tutor can work on. And because the tutors are available 24/7, schoolchildren and students can seek Geometry help, Physics help and Chemistry homework help on any given day. The children also get specialized one-on-one instruction at the convenience of their home.

Online tutoring has all these advantages to offer. And if I should ever need help with school, I would also ask Mom to get me an online tutor if she is too busy to help me out.

Schwimm, Schwamm, Schwamm

I have always loved the water. Maybe because I was born under the fish sign. I love to bathe in a bad tub, in the sea or in the swimming pool. Unfortunately, I can only go swimming in big bodies of water when we are able to travel because we live in the heart of Europe, where the ocean is hundreds of miles away.

I just got back from a recent vacation in Rome, Italy, together with my family. We had a family reunion there because my grandparents and my uncle (Daddy's brother) and his family were there to share the days with us. We stayed at a camping resort near the Tiber River in Rome and it was a whole new experience for all of us. We lived in mobile homes and it was quiet and relaxing and a good place to be after a day or two of sightseeing in Vatican City and Rome.

There was a swimming pool at the camping resort. The weather was so fine one day that we decided to take a dip. Mommy, however wasn't able to pack my swim suit in my luggage so that I had to go in my onesies. I still looked cute in it but it felt really cold when I got off the water.

My Daddy was the one who swam with me and gave me some swimming lessons. I was so delighted to be in the water that I didn't want to get off. But some good things never last. Especially for a little girl like me who is prone to colds. So after a few laps, we went back to our rooms, showered and changed.

I wish we could go swimming again. And this time, wearing a proper swim suit and be able to stay longer in the pool.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun Halloween Costumes

Autumn is slowly making its way on this side of the planet. The air is cooler, it rains more often and things are slowly turning yellow. I love this time of the year because it is not so hot anymore and I could get an excuse to dress up in any way I want to. Why? Because it also means halloween is just around the corner.

I don't know if my parents already have ideas for halloween costumes but anything goes for me. I can dress as a viking or a cow or a princess or whatever because I know I will still look cute and adorable in it.  Well I guess if we were to attend a halloween party as a family, my Mommy and Daddy could look for adult halloween costumes. Maybe we can go together as a Viking family. There's this really nice viking hat that we found at a souvenir shop the last time we were driving through the Black Forest.

Of if we won't go to a halloween party, we could just celebrate it ourselves, just the three of us. Mommy could choose sexy halloween costumes and we could have a little party at our house. I know my Mommy wouldn't dare wearing anything sexy in public but I think she would dare wearing one with just me and Daddy around. I guess that would be a fun halloween party for us. More so for me because of the treats that I will be receiving that day. Whee!!! I can't wait!

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