Sunday, June 26, 2011

Custom Gifts Anyone?

I always feel excited each time we go to fairs and exhibits especially if there are booths for children because I know that there are a lot of items that are given away for free. Small stuffed toys bearing a company's logo, flaglets, pens, customized bags, mugs, jelly beans, figure balloons - these are just a few of the things that I like to collect from one booth to another.

Which makes me wonder... If these companies are able to give these items away for free, they must have had it made from someone that makes them at very affordable rates. Buying a pen alone and having it customized at a custom shop will cost you something. Although giveaways are a part of any organization's advertising and marketing strategy, saving on costs as much as possible is always any business' target, If you are looking for someone who will make your promotional products for your upcoming events and functions, is the good place to start as they offer a range of quality promotional items at very affordable rates. 

Although they cannot compare to handmade crafts, giveaway items are still the norm when it comes to exhibits, functions and events. After all, they serve as a memorabilia and as a marketing or advertising tool for any organization and business. And should I need to have something promoted, like maybe shirts bearing this blog's URL link, I wouldn't hesitate to get it from Branders. The reviews are quite good and their clients are satisfied with the service, cost and turnaround time. Indeed, well worth a try!

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