Saturday, June 5, 2010

Madie's Birthday

Me and my birthday present for Ate Madie.

I was invited to Ate Madie's Birthday last month. I think I was her youngest visitor. Hehe! She turned seven last and her friends from school were there too. When we arrived at their house, no one was there except for her brother, her Mommy and her Mommy's girlfriends, and us. It was very silent. Auntie Nora said that they were out with her husband to the movies. So we waited.

Just before blowing her birthday cake.

Ate Madie and her friends... She was opening her gifts here.

I was getting a bit bored but Kuya Mark played me. He gave me some papers and coloring pens so I can scribble my time away. An hour after we arrived, Madie and her friends were back. I was so happy to see them! And the party began... We sang a birthday song for her and asked he to make a wish. Then Ate Madie blew her cake and we ate, gave her our presents, and played games.

Ate Madie, the birthday girl (in pink dress)
with her friends Laura (in green) and Janet (in white).

Writing and doodling on the concrete pathway.

At the garden with Auntie Sofie.

After all the children have eaten, me included, we went out to their garden. I had fun running around in their garden. I even found new friends. It was a very happy day. And I found myself always saying "Happy!"


Alice Law said...

What a wonderful birthday party for Samantha, definitely a good chance for Samantha to have fun with other kids! Was this the 1st time she attended her friend's party?!

Please have a wonderful week ahead!

wenn said...

she's so cute!

zek said...

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Elijah's Crib.

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