Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Storytelling Time

I think you already know that I love to read. Mommy has bought lots of English books and then some German children's books so that I will know how something is called in English and in German. I know that a book is called a book and that it contains lots of photos of animals, numbers and letters. I have books that make sounds too and also a pop up book.

You might ask me if I can already read. My answer would be not yet but I can recognize images from the books and would point at them and tell Mommy what they are. Sometimes, I would pretend to tell stories and would just mumble away with my not so sensible words. It was one of those instances when I was unknowingly caught by my Mommy on video and so I am sharing it with you here. I guess what you will only grasp in the video is the word elefatie, that is how I pronounce the word elephant.

Can you guess what book I am reading here? It's a book about animals at different places. Mommy taught me the song Old MacDonald Had A Farm and each time I see this book and my Old MacDonald Had A Farm book, I would instantly hum the tunes and then sing the words "Ei, Ei, O" when I get to the chorus. I know how an animal sounds like too but Mommy hasn't caught me on video on that one yet. Will post about that one when Mommy gets the chance.

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