Friday, January 29, 2010

Me and My Kuya Luis

I finally got the chance to meet my cousin Kuya Luis who lives in England. He is now a British citizen and he is so slang when he says to my Mommy, "Tita Kaye, wanna eat lumpia!"

Hugs make the world a better place.

As you all know, we spent the Holidays in England and spent most of our time at my Tito's. The photos below are some of my bonding moments with my Kuya. Too bad the CD where Daddy burned most our photos at their house is not working and these are the only ones we could find. My Tito also said he has already deleted the photos thinking that we got everything. Too bad indeed.

Our matching water bottles, a souvenir Mom bought from London.

Playing around while waiting for out order at the Japanese Noodle Shop.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed my time with my Kuya. We had lots of fun playing together. And during our Holidays, I always wake up to find myself having a playmate! I hope that soon, I will also wake up to find myself a playmate in the house too. Think I should bug Mommy and Daddy about it?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bournemouth Beach

A delighted happy me, all wrapped up even while at the beach.
"Di na talaga ako mababasa nito!" Surely, I won't get wet with my get-up! Hehe!

I had my first visit to the beach when my Tito took us to the town center and then to the beach. Bournemouth, they say, has one of Europe's best beaches and during the summer season, it is packed with beach fans from all over Europe.

Playing tag with my Kuya Luis.

Even in the winter season, there were still lots of people. And if you are living in a tropical country like the Philippines, you would have smirked at the sight of people all wrapped up and taking a walk down the beach. But of course, it IS winter and it's no wonder if you all see me in my jacket, bonnet and all!

Feeling the sand against my booted feet was weird at first...

But the more I walk and run, chasing after my cousin,
I realized it is one of the best playgrounds yet!

I really had pure fun feeling my booted feet against the sand. It was a new experience. The fresh chilly air and the blue sea just yonder just delighted me so!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Hogwarts School!

A view of the Christ Church University from the War Memorial Garden.

England is a very beautiful place. It is one country that is popular among movie makers. And if you are a big Harry Potter fan, I am sure this will interest you.


Our visit to England brought us to Oxford City, home of the great scholars and famous the world over for its universities. The wheels of my stroller and my companions' feet took us to Christ Church, Oxford's most spectacular college and the place where the many scenes of the Harry Potter feature films were shot. Sadly, we didn't get to tour inside the college because my parents failed to have our money changed and they don't receive credit cards either.

Looking through the steel bars. I feel like a prisoner in Azkaban!
But at least, it has a great view!

We did have a look around the grounds and were able to enjoy the view of the Meadows and the walls of the Hogwarts School. :D

My Mommy and me. Giggling like there was something magical going on!

The next time we get to visit, we will definitely take the tour inside. And by then, I would have already appreciated Harry Potter and the rest of the wizard world.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy New Year All!

Whew! It has been a while since my last post. I know it is already mid-January but allow me to greet you all a very Happy New Year nonetheless.

I had a very nice Christmas and New Year celebration because I got to spend it with my cousin in England. And there were also the travels and sightseeings in between too which made our holidays a more enjoyable one. I had lots of fun playing with my little kuya. We had our kulitan moments and because he loves to tease me, we always end up fighting over the same toy. But I love him. I was even lonely the first few days after we arrived here in Germany. I no longer have a playmate. I miss the moments when he would hand me a toy and then after a few minutes take it back from me while saying "Give me that!"

To my Kuya Luis, thank you for all the fun and for teaching me some new english words. If we had stayed a little bit longer, I would have learned how to talk in English already. I miss you kuya! I hope to see you again real soon! Take care and be a good boy always!

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