Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Did I Receive for Christmas?

Christmas was a very exciting one for me. It being my FIRST ever! On Christmas Eve, we went to a yakiniku restaurant for dinner. Mommy and Daddy were busy grilling their food for dinner! I didn't get to eat though because I still cannot have grilled meat. Not yet good for my little tummy! But I did have fun watching the smoke...

Looks yummy and smells good! I hope they'll give me some!

Oh yes, my Daddy can cook too!

I got hungry watching Mommy and Daddy eat!
So here I am, drinking my bottle of milk! I fell asleep in the process. :D

After dinner, it was time to go home. And it was my turn to have fun opening my gifts! It was really exciting!

I looked a little bewildered here. I was supposed to be excited! Hehe!
Perhaps, the gifts overwhelmed me.

Lots of gifts from Mom, Dad and Ninang Jo and Ninang Jess!

My new phone from Mommy and Daddy. They finally got me one
because I keep using theirs!

Look, red shoes! Thanks Ninang Jo for this nice pair of Osh Kosh!

Happy with my new phone and fluffy scarf.

What was my favorite gift, you might ask? It's my Mommy and Daddy! Their LOVE and CARE are more than enough for me!

So, what did you receive for Christmas?


Cecile said...

sam is so cute! i love the one where she is wearing a scarf :-)

Mira said...

Wishing you and your family a belated Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year ahead! Sorry if my greetings came a bit late, My sked is always crazy at this time of the year, but I'm glad to finally squeeze in some time to drop EC at least ;-). Have a great day.
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niko said...

ow ow. lots of gifts dear sam!! :)

it sure was a very memorable first christmas i bet!!

happy new year!!

Cookie said...

wow! you've got plenty of gifts!! She is such a cutie! sarap pisilin, hehehe...

Babette said...

I love your new scarf Sam! And all those toys, oh boy. You are one lucky baby! :o)

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