Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Pretty Mommy Umma!

Today, our dearest Mommy Umma is celebrating her Birthday! All of us have planned to surprise her with this online gift. I hope that she will love this!

1. What's your first impression on umma?
Mommy Umma is very pretty. She has a nice smile!

2. After you've known her, did that impression change?
Nope! Mommy Umma still is pretty. Her smile is true!

3. What song will you sing to her aside from "Happy Birthday" and why?
"What are little girls made of?" I wonder how Mommy Umma looked when she was still a baby like me...

4. If Umma is a flower, what will she be? why?
A Red Rose. Beautiful and blooming!

5. When you meet Umma in person, what's the first word that you would say?

6. When you look at her picture, what can you say about her personality?
She is friendly and has a sunny personality.

7. How do you describe Umma as a friend online?
Mommy Umma is very thoughtful. And she sees to it that she knows how I am. Oh yes, she loves my photos too and encourages me to post some more...

8. What do you think of her as a mother?
I think Mommy Umma is a great mother. You can see it by how Yeung Lei is growing.

9 . What do you think of her posts and why?
I think her posts are sometimes funny and are realistic because they are based on life experiences. Sometimes, I can relate to her posts in a baby's point of view. :D

10. What is your birthday wish for umma?
May God's blessings of good health, peace, joy and love be with you always Mommy Umma. Enjoy your birthday!

A Very Happy Christmas Birthday to you Mommy Umma!

Big Hugs,


Umma said...

Wow... baby Sam is also included ha? another surprise my dear.. really made me emotional today.. I believe this is my most memorable birthday ever.

My heart feels so overwhelm seeing your post like this, I really appreciate the thoughts and the efforts in creating and posting this entry... you are so lucky baby Sam.. your Mommy is one sweet and loving person.

Wish you grow more healthier each day and someday you will make your Mommy & Daddy proud.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

You have the cutest EC!

niko said...

wohohoh baby sam is included too!! its a success dear.. thanks to u!

merry christmas baby sam!! mwah mwah

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