Thursday, December 11, 2008


Four teeth I have now. My two upper front teeth have sprouted already. Mommy is so happy for me. Soon, the others will follow. For now, I will enjoy the few teeth that I have by munching on some biscuits, my teether and anything I could get my hands on. Yes, even the box of tissues that Mommy forgot to place out of my reach.

My apologies for the not-so-relevant photos.
Mommy could not get a photo of my four teeth as I am too active and I would scream and squirm each time she tries to hold me still to catch a closer look of my mouth and teeth. Sorry Mom!

With my Ate Reina. I was happily munching on the Minnie Mouse headband.
Can you see one of the ears? Hehe!

Facial Tissues, anyone? They don't taste as good!

My piglet toy is just as yummy to chew on as the
mirror at the bottom is fun to look at.


Faye said...

very cute babies:)

iceah said...

wow, 4 teeth na c: let her eat oranges and soft fruits na c: just remove the seed c:

BTW, have a tag for you too mommy Kikamz c:

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