Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pencils and Papers for Christmas

The Lumad children of Mindanao, Philippines need our help!

Mommy's friend Tita Emma Linda works for an NGO. She sent mommy a message soliciting for help in any way in support to one of the programs of TRICOM, Inc., a Non Government Organization that "works with different Indigenous Peoples and Communities of Mindanao for them to attain effective control over ancestral resources, govern and manage their own political, socio-cultural and economic development."

I also wanted to help out but because I am still a baby, there really isn't much I can do. So to reach many readers with generous hearts, here I am blogging about the project.

Every year, TRICOM holds a Christmas package drive for the Day Care Centers in the areas of Glan Sarangani, Isulan and Kulaman Sultan Kudarat.

Would you like to help these children of the Mindanao provinces learn better? We can all help them by sending grade one pad papers, pencils, art papers, bond papers, chalk, erasers, manila paper, cartolina, school supplies, used clothing suitable for cold areas, canned goods/groceries etcetera. Or you can also send cash whichever is more convenient for you.

Donations may be channeled to:

TRICOM, 3rd Flr. Consolacion Building,
Corner Ponce Aurora Streets, Davao City
or call Telephone Numbers 225-4495 through Angela Grecia.
Or contact Ms. Emma Linda Diolola-Ocampo Area Based Personnel through Cell number 09282342245.
Please do not hesitate to ask all pertinent questions.
Should you donate in cash/check :
Direct deposits may be made to:
Account Name: Tri-People Concern for Peace, Progress and Development for Mindanao (TRICOM) Inc.
BPI-Main (Claveria) C. M. Recto Street, Davao City
Account Number: 2083-8659-49
Remember that your donation, even if it is just one pad of paper, will mean a lot to the organization and to these beautiful children. They need our help today! Hope you can help me help them!

Please check out the official
TRICOM website to find out how you can help these children who have such a very promising future if they only have access to proper education.

May all of us have a meaningful Christmas and share the bounty and blessings that we enjoy to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.


Mira said...

I want to donate a little but I wonder if I can send it from my paypal account to their BPI account. Do they have account number? I don't see any a/c # here.

iceah said...

My parents live in Lake Sebu also a Lumad area c: they help build a church there c:

chilly said...

Hello there! I have added your two blogs to my blogroll link exchange as you asked.

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