Saturday, December 13, 2008

Studying German

So, what's been keeping me busy lately? I'm actually studying... German Grammar. It's a lot more difficult even at first glance! Mommy is giving up already! Hehehe!

A new book to read and explore and TEAR apart! Wheee!

Leafing through the first page and then on to the last page! DONE!

I'm going to skip the pronunciation... I can only say DI, GIG, ME and Heee and
a bunch of inaudible sounds and babbles for now.

Just leafing through. Everything is a BLUR for me. *Wink!*

Happy weekend everyone!


Sabine said... funny, our grammar is very difficult to learn...but keep up the great work -
ihr schafft das ;)
Happy Holidays!

Mira said...

How cute. Baby's babbles sound like German language anyway, so there you go Sam, you're on track, LOL.

Daddy said...

HAHA. Only 9 months old and she is learning German Grammar. Oh my! What a head start! But she is just so cute.

-emirie- said...

I'm sure baby Sam will learn other language easily more after you move there, baby learns so fast.

lira said...

Baby Sam is a book lover wow!

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