Friday, December 12, 2008

Head Wear Blues

You might say that I enjoy wearing hats... but actually, I only allow my mommy to put one on my head when we go out to keep myself from getting a cold. Yes, I don't like wearing one at all. I would allow the hat, headband, or bonnet to be on my head for a few minutes but beyond than that, and you are sure to see me squirming or crying or taking it off myself.

Beginning to get uncomfy with this thing on my head.

Duh! Please take the hoodie off mommy!

There! I finally got it off my head!

My signature take-that-thing-off-my-head move!

Now I'm crying! I just can't get the hat off my head.

See what I mean?


iceah said...

kawawa nama :c

my son loves hats like mommy din c:

Umma said...

Hahha funny pictures of Sam...she is so cute and adorable as she grows bigger every day.

My YL loves hat.. he seldoms take off his hat..

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