Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Nine Months To Me!

I am officially 9 months old! Hope you all will still join me in my adventures and antics. Here are 9 wonderful things about me now that I am 9 months old.

Hello Everyone! Is it winter yet?!

1. I can sit on my own now! Yay!
2. I love to stand even if my legs are still wobbly.

3. I love to shout... the sound of my high pitch voice just amuses me. Aaeeehhhh!!!
4. When asked to clap my hands, I just look at my mommy. What is that? I do know how to clap my feet though.

5. I know how to say NO! and would move my head sideways several times to show that I don't want to do something. If mom and dad asks me a question and my answer is NO, I would just do my NO-gesture. You should see me doing it!

6. I only want to be held by my mommy these days. I would cry if daddy holds me for too long. Whhaaa! *Wail!* And I would cry "Ami!" amidst my cries and wails.

Recuperating at home. I don't look sick here anymore.

7. I love watching my daddy when he sleeps. In the early mornings, I would wake up ahead of him and just stare at his sleeping face. His snoring makes me curious too. Hehe!
8. If before, I can only glide in my walker and move backwards, I can now take small forward and sideward steps. And if mommy shows me my book, I would run/glide towards her direction.
9. I can crawl now... Mommy just hasn't caught me on camera yet. Ssshhhh! Don't tell!


niko said...

happy 9 months sam!!

i love ur smile on last picture!! so lovely.. hope u are fully recovered now.

take care! mwah mwah

-emirie- said...

Congratulations to you Samantha for being a nine months old baby. Cheers.

Dolly's Diary said...

Happy 9th month Birthday,
She is adorable,
Janet :)

Mira said...

She's so adorable!

iceah said...

glad your fine now little sam c: happy 9 months c:
now my son is sick but still is makulit :c

Mizé said...

She´s really lovely!
Happy celebration, 9 months is such a wonderful age.
A good Thursday.

Cookie said...

Happy 9-mos-old baby Sam!
Oh my gosh! I miss Chloe when she was still this small.
I love Sam's smile. Even when she got sick, smile pa rin. She's so adorable, huggable, kissable and wonderful!

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