Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Caught The Stomach Flu! :(

Yes, I caught it last 27th, the day we traveled for Kyoto. I must have caught it the night before but the virus only took effect during our trip. Mommy and Daddy were so worried because I would vomit everything that I take in - milk, water and baby food. But I did not cry like most babies would when they feel discomfort. I just acted as if nothing happened and slept my way through the trip. Then, when we arrived at our hotel, I just played with my toys and my mommy as if nothing is wrong with me. But I guess the symptoms can never be denied and I was becoming weak with lack of enough fluid in my body.

That evening, mommy and daddy decided to bring me to the emergency hospital. The doctor just gave me a prescription for the vomiting and for the flu in my stomach. Then they ran a few tests by giving me some milk little by little. When the doctor saw that I was still vomiting the milk out, he decided to put me on dextrose so that I won't get dehydrated. I cried and wailed a lot when they put the IV on me because it was sooo painful. The nurses cannot find my veins and as mommy would say, "They turned my poor little baby into a pin cushion." Huhuhu! Four tries and a lots of screaming and wailing and crying after, the IV is finally hooked into my left hand and the dextrose was running smoothly through my veins. Exhausted, I drifted off to sleep in my mommy's loving arms who later on, laid me down in bed. It was 4AM almost when we left the hospital and mommy and daddy were so exhausted from the road trip and the trip to the hospital.

At the hospital. They had to hook me to the dextrose to keep me from dehydrating.

I'm still sick right now but my condition is getting better. I vomit only once and gained some appetite. Also, mommy let me play around the house in my walker so that I get to enjoy and exercise. Nope, I don't look like I am sick at all but I sure did lose some weight!


iceah said...

ow... baby sam get well soon :c

niko said...

yena was hospitalized some two months ago too, nurses tried to put IV on her for so many times but was so hopeless. i was crying with my baby i somewhat felt her pain, i asked the doctor if its alright not to have IV anymore, he told me its needed for her not to be dehydrated. but seeing yena in pain i signed the waiver and just prayed that she take her milk instead.

she finally recovered after two days without IV at the hospital, thanks GOd.

i can imagine how scared were u during those times at the hospital kikamz, i pray sam recovered fully.. hope she gets well very soon! i want to see her reading her books again.:)

take care dear!

Cookie said...

Oh, poor baby Sam. We don't know you are sick. So, that was why we haven't heard from you for quite awhile.
Thank goodness you are ok now but we still pray that you'll regain your energetic self and your weight, too.

Mommy and Daddy must be worried because they love you so much. Take care Baby Sam and hope to hear again from you when you get well! Hugs!

Cookie's Corner
My Girl

GaryChie said...

so sorry to know about baby Sam having flu... Get well soon baby Samantha

jonaver said...

Hi there Cutie!

You are added on my blog roll now.

Anyway, I am inviting you to join BoL's Brain Pain

Don't worry, it is not as painful as what the title sounds.

Tell your Mama ha... get well soon..


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