Monday, December 29, 2008

Ten Things on my 10th Month

On my 10th month birthday at the church!

Yesterday, I officially turned 10 months. Hurray for me! Two more months and I'll be a year old already! I had my fill of a lot of firsts and here's ten more interesting bits about me not that I am ten months!

Having a grand time crawling in my alphabet mat!
Mommy even helped me spell my name!

  1. I can now CRAWL like a pro!
  2. I'm beginning to stand on my own two feet!

  3. See, I can stand already!

  4. I now have four teeth. Two more are promising to show anytime soon! :D
  5. I love talking! I babble away everytime Mom and Dad talks to me!
  6. I love my cartoons but I cry each time Symfollies is shown. It is actually a very nice show for kids and plays classical music, which is perfect! But I guess seeing musical instruments come to life if kind of scary for me at my age. I just get a fright and would cry my heart out while looking at them! And I would then call my Mommy so she can hug me and kiss away my fright.

  7. This is Stradi. One of the leading characters in the show. He is a cello, I think.

  8. I love hugging my pillows! Each time Mommy or Daddy says "Hug hug the pillow, Sam!", I would grab the nearest small pillow and hug it!
  9. Hands clapping fascinate me so that I would also try to clap my hands! I can only manage clapping my right hand to mommy's other hand though. It's more like successive high fives than a clap!
  10. I love oranges! I especially love Japanese oranges called mikan because they are seedless and the juice is very east to squeeze out!
  11. I love to experiment with the buttons on the cable TV controller. I especially enjoy pushing the power button countless times while watching the TV screen going blank and then lighting up again!
  12. I'm almost 80cm now! And HEAVY too! Add up the winter clothes that I have on and Mommy is sure to complain of sore arms. And yes, I can wave goodbye too! Like a beauty queen! :D


niko said...

wow!! lots of milestones at ten months baby sam!! sure u are a very smart kid.. wink

happy ten months!!! kisses mwah mwah

iceah said...

wow! it really does fascinate us moms to see our precious ones discover and have their new achievements c:

Enchie said...

Happy 10th month Sam. Grabe! ini-inspire nyo ako ni Baby Yena mag baby na uli...Happy New Year!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sam, ganyan nga, feeling beauty queen ha? Para ma-internalize!

Happy New Year!!!

Umma said...

Happy 10 months old little Sam... I think you 'll going to start walking b4 your 1st birthday. YL will turn 1 year old the first week of January.. but still struggling to learn how to walk hahaha...

Sorry wasnt able to blog hop past couple of days. YL got sicked after our trip from Vegas and he passed it to me as well so I was knocked out for couple of days too and wasnt able to check my blogs.. Anyway, Im back now hahahah..

Happy New Year to you and Mommy & Daddy

Carrie said...

She is so cute!! I love the picture of her standing -- she is so happy :)

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