Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Yup! You read it right! I can crawl now... PROPERLY that is! I mentioned before that I still stumble and drop on the surface each time I try to make two crawls. It started last Saturday, the 20th during my 9-month regular check-up. The doctor put me on my stomach and he asked my mommy to call me. Of course, I was crying then because I do not know the doctor's face. I am afraid of strangers, you see. When mommy called me, I crawled towards her with all my might and they were indeed very surprised because I crawled perfectly! From then on, I can crawl very well! Mommy said it was a blessing in disguise. Hehehe!

Hurray for me! I have reached yet another milestone! Thank you Papa Jesus!


Umma said...

Yey!! another milestone reached by baby Sam.. Hopefully before your 1 year old birthday.. you'll be walking with all the might you can show off.

Kisses to you mwah mwah.

Samantha Ysabelle said...

Mommy and Daddy are hoping for that too Mommy Umma! They're both very excited for me taking my first steps. I wish my Daddy can witness it too!

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