Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cheeky Grin

Hello everyone! I hope all is well. I really like it when Mom points the camera at my direction. I would sometimes tease her with my cheey grins. I think she likes it too because she would chuckle at me. Here are some of my famous grins showing my pearly whites and my small nose and my half-closed eyes!

Muttering some... Is it Japanese? English?
Bisaya? or German? One never knows!

Marunong nang kumindat!

Hmmm... I know what's inside!

With Kuya Dondie and Ate Kyla in Yokohama.

I was just so delighted here!

Delightfully and genuinely HAPPY me!


Twinkie said...

Magaling na mag-wink! All right!!! :D

Samantha Ysabelle said...

Thanks tita twinkie!

Seiko said...

I like your smile here baby Sam!So cute & nakakahawa.Hugs & kisses to cute Sam :)Smooch!

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