Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Animals of Wilhelma

Now that I am a 14 months old, I can already recognize animals from people. I can't identify them yet though, but I am getting there. I even roar like the tiger and the lion each time I see animals as if they all have the same sound. Hehehe! And I wasn't scared to see them at all!

Anyway, here are some of the animals that I got to see at the zoo:

A is for Ape

B is for Black Bears

D is for Ducks

E is for Elephant

F is for Flamingo

G is for Giraffe

L is for Leopard

P is for Penguins

R is for Ram

S is for Swimming Polar Bear ;-)

Z is for Zebras

My animal alphabet is not complete yet. I guess it means we'll have to the zoo after all. Wheee!!!


Seiko said...

Hello baby Sam!Ano kaya ang feeling while seeing those animals inside the cage?I guess baby Sam was so amazed.Take care always & thanks for the link too.Hugs & kisses from tita Seiko ..big grin!

iceah said...

wow! am sure little Sam enjoys looking at these animals c:

Tetcha said...

Hi, Sam! It's good that you get to see these animals in the zoo at such a young age.

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