Monday, May 18, 2009

8 Things

I've been tagged by Mommy Jerla with this fun and exciting 8 Things Tag.

Hmm... these are tricky questions. Let me think! LOL!

8 things I'm looking forward to:

- the day when I can finally run
- my 2nd Birthday
- my morning tub baths
- watching my favorite CD
- seeing Daddy back home from work
- the weekends!
- uttering my first word
- purchasing my first Barbie doll (I am still too young to own one! Hihi!)

What do I do when we go for a drive? SLEEP!

8 things I did yesterday:
- went to church
- saw some Filipino friends
- went for a drive with my family
- listened to a happy tune on the sidewalk
- ate peanut butter sandwich!
- pooped twice! hehehe!
- hugged my teddy bears
- walked along Königstrasse after hearing mass

At the water fountain in Königstrasse.

8 things I wish I could do:
- run, run, RUN!
- draw and scribble!
- go to Kindergarten
- play with other children
- talk
- put my clothes on by myself
- see my grandparents again, I miss them!
- eat my food by myself

8 shows I watch:
- Pinky Dinky Doo
- Ruby Gloom
- Dora the Explorer
- Baby Songs CD
- Barnyard
- Wonder Pets
- Hannah Montana

8 people I tag;
- Mommy Kikamz
- Yena
- Ate Chloe
- Yeung Lei
- Tita Issa
- Mommy Seiko
- Mommy Tetcha
- Mommy Shy


niko said...

woi i have to finish work early so i can post this at yena's :)

thanks a lot dear for the tag! mwah mwah

niko said...

ayan done na si yena sa tag baby sam! hehehe :)

iSSa said...

done! thanks for the tag baby sam =)

Tetcha said...

I have already done this tag, but thank you, dear Sam, for thinking of me.

Clarissa said...

what a cutie!!\(^0^)/

shydub said...

Thanks for the tag baby sam, Im working on it, and I will post it in my other blog.
You are a busy busy baby, glad theres mommy kikamz as your secretary huh hehehehe.

Chloe said...

hello baby sam. I already posted this tag. tnx! Hugs from Ate Chloe!!!

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