Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Visiting Wilhelma Zoo

Last Sunday afternoon, we went to visit Wilhelma Zoo. I was asleep when we got there so that I didn't see the penguins. But I was very delighted to wake up to a landscape of tulips. It rained a little while we were there but we were still able to enjoy the indoor greenhouses, the aquarium, the Amazon House, and the Insectarium.

With my Mommy and the colorful tulips!

Delighted ME!

I was trying to roar here! The leopard looked scary yet cute!

It was so much fun just strolling around the zoo and seeing all the huge animals: the elephants, the bears, the giraffes and zebras, the apes and monkeys, the leopards and tigers.

Hihihi! There're elephants behind us!

Walking is such delight!

I still have lots more photos for your viewing delight but I do not want to swamp this post with them. To see more of our photos at the Wilhelma Zoo, click here. Enjoy!


Twinkie said...

Weee!!! You really enjoyed sweetie! I especially like the tulips. :D

Kikit said...

You're lucky Sam. I was already 16 when I first went to a zoo. :)

Samantha Ysabelle said...

@Kikit: pano naman kasi tita kikit, wala masyadong magandang zoo sa davao. only lately lang na meron na crocodile farm, eden nature park, malagos garden resort and philippine eagle foundation.

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