Sunday, May 24, 2009

Of Castles and Fairytales

The beautiful Schloss Nueschwanstein (Neuschwanstein Castle) in Bavaria.
It was built by King Ludwig II and known as the "Fairytale Castle."

We went to Munich last Thursday and visited Schloss Neuschwanstein (Castle Neuschwanstein). Although it was raining on our way there, the sky began to clear as we neared our destination. When we finally arrived, the birds are again circling the sky.

Mommy pushing my buggy.

The castle is situated on top of a mountain. So it was quite a long ascent for Mom and Dad. Lucky for me coz I have my buggy. They had to push me all the way up to the castle. But the walk was worth it! The view was wonderful!

L: Almost there... the castle is already visible.
R: All big smiles, esp. Mommy because we arrived safe and sound.

At the viewing deck with my family.

In front of the castle's main gate is a spectacular view of the German Alps.

The happy little baby exploring the castle grounds.

We also explored the castle and it was like entering a fairytale. I felt like Cinderella lost in the servant's quarters. Unfortunately, taking photos are not allowed inside the castle so that the beautiful Throne Room and the Singer's Hall and the amazing murals will only remain in our memories.


Enchie said...

Very nice Baby Sam. You're blessed to have such wonderful parents who loves to make pasyal :D In a castle.

pchi said...

wow! a well-travelled baby we have here

you seemed to enjoy all of your escapades dear...

sana ako makapunta din dyan next time!

shydub said...

Ang ganda naman ng view diyan baby sam, you really had great time exploring germany huh, enjoy babyhood cutie don't grow too fast okay hehehe

iceah said...

wow! licky little princess wish I could go there too c:

niko said...

ur so kikay! i love ur pants heheheh

Anzu's Mum said...

Ur so lucky baby.. coz ur already in europe lol... nice view photos =) **hugs to you**

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