Sunday, May 31, 2009

Me And My New High Chair

Sitting pretty me!

I love my first ever high chair! Mom and Dad finally bought me a new one because I keep tugging on Mommy's shirt each time we eat so that I can join them at the dining table. Mommy gets stressed, and maybe indigestion too, because she cannot eat well with me whining and pulling everything within my reach when she puts me in her lap. Hehe! But now, she is eating better and can feed me properly too!

Me and my high chair: wiping it clean,
wondering what to do next,
then nanggigigil because I don't know what to do,
then in my composed self.

Thanks Mom and Dad for my new high chair, another first for me!


shydub said...

I like your new high chair baby sam, wider and bigger

Ebie said...

You are so cute Samantha Ysabelle!

Cookie said...

Congrats on your new High Chair Sam!
Hey, you're getting bigger everyday and just noticed that you have a brown hair, too. parang ka na ring taga Germany talaga, hehehe.

Happy Eating!! Ask your mom to give give you all your favorite food ha. Basta good for your health, too ;)

Hugs & Kisses!
Tita Cookie & Ate Chloe

ED Blogger said...

So cute :) She and my daughter is of the same age :)

Tetcha said...

That's a nice high chair, Baby Sam! Take care of that chair ha so that when you have a younger brother or sister, he/she can use it also.

niko said...

hi sam!

alam mo ba na hindi nag high chair ever si yena?? :) and whenever we eat out hindi tlga sya nakahigh chair..

nice high chair pra sa bibong sam! :) congrats on ur PR3 ha!! weeeee galing galing!!

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Ria said...

Oh, you're getting bigger baby cute! How's Germany? Regards to your family!

Ria C
It's My Party

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iceah said...

yehey! am happy for you Sam c: ang cute mo naman manggigil c:

Kikit said...

is food a lot better with a high chair sam? siguro for mommy kikamz. hehe :)

Seiko said...

haha!!Nanggigil din ako upon seeing you na nangigigil din Sam.Nice high chair.

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