Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I want to wish my Mommy a very happy birthday today!


... for all the love and care that you have showered me.
... for the many sleepless nights that you spent with me when I am not yet ready to sleep.
... for changing my nappies and for recognizing each time I poo.
... for feeding me even in the wee hours.
... for giving me fun tub baths.
... for seeing to it that I am okay and happy.
... for being there to witness all my milestones, big or small.
... for being a good wife to my daddy.

I hope God will bless you more each day!

I love you Mommy!


Twinkie said...

Happy birthday to your Mom baby Samantha! God bless you both!

Kikit said...

Happy Birthday to Mommy AK! :)

Glenda said...

Happy Birthday to your Mommy! && Advance Happy Mother's day as well!

niko said...

happy birthday to ur beautiful mom baby sam..

i made a post for her at my blog.. silip mo ha! mwah mwah

Enchie said...

Thanks for this post baby Sam! I greeted Mommy today!

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