Saturday, May 9, 2009

Toy Hunt: Battery Operated Toys

I only have a few battery-operated toys but I do enjoy playing with them.

A recent addition has been my Daddy's old lap top, which we use to play my baby cd's in my room. Hehe!

Of course, there's my Mickey Mouse toy phone, the Learn and Go Baby Driver and Jollibee!

RED light means STOP.
AMBER light means SLOW DOWN.
GREEN light means GO!

I love playing with my Baby Driver because it plays music, the traffic light lights up and tells me what color they are and what they mean, the shift stick says UP and DOWN, and it also plays the alphabet. I get to play and learn at the same time!

And here is Jollibee. When you press the heart, it plays music too! And I would simply dance to the melody each time I hear it play. The song is in Filipino and Mommy would sing along with it, making it more fun to play with!

My Mickey Mouse Telly which plays four tunes: a keypad tone, a ringing tone, It's A Small World tone, and another one which I don't know the title of. Hihihi!

Want to join Toy Hunt too? Click
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Twinkie said...

Wow plenty of toys! :) I especially like Jollibee. :D

Seiko said...

Cool toys baby Sam heve here!I loke Jollibee too!:)
Have a nice weekend!Happy Mothers Day!

Norm said...

wow! lots of toys for sam, what I like most is the laptop of course cute mong tingnan habang naglalaro, happy weekend...

iceah said...

cute naman ng toys nya c:

By the way Happy Mother's Day to you c:

JoyD said...

You are very fortunate to have nice toys Sam.... and you must be considered the youngest Blogger !!!!
Keep up!!! and stay sweet!!!

Ladynred said...

What a neat toys you have Sam! You must love the laptop eh!

balisugar said...

playing with daddy's laptop ? hehe you can blogging as well !

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