Friday, December 3, 2010

What Shall I Give You This Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner. I know my Mommy already has her Christmas list. I wonder what she will give me? But I too would like to give her something this Christmas. I don't know yet what to give her but I want to give her something that she will appreciate and use.

I am thinking of giving her Murano glass jewelry. Although she is not so keen on wearing jewelry, she certainly could use one for those LBD (little black dress) days. I remember that she used to wear a gold necklace with a very tiny heart pendant. But she lost it somehow and now, she no longer has a necklace. I want to give her something that she could wear on her neck again. I know it's not much but I think she will love Murano pendants. She likes handmade products you see because no two products are the same.  Or I could give her household items made of the same material such as these tumblers.They look so colorful and will add life to any dining table!

I know that she will love it because she didn't get to buy that many murano glass souvenirs when we went there for a vacation two summers ago. But whatever it is that I give my Mommy this Christmas, even if it is just a simple kiss and "I love you", I know that it will make her happy.

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