Sunday, December 19, 2010

Guitar Lessons with Daddy

I love my Daddy's music. He would play his guitar on a daily basis and practice on his strumming and plucking and while he plays, I would happily dance in front of him. When Daddy is not looking and when he is not around, I would sneak to his guitar and try my fingers on them, strumming the strings. My Mommy would encourage me to try some more and she would tell me I am doing great because I was able to make it sound. But I do not really know how to play the guitar. I just strum the strings and that's it!

My Daddy is planning all along to teach me how to play the guitar when I am a little bigger. As a start, he let me hold his big guitar while he was guiding my hands. It felt great to hold the guitar in that manner, one hand holding the neck and the other hand positioned so that the guitar body is securely tucked under your arms. But his classical guitar is too big for me. I guess, when I am ready and I would really choose to play the guitar, my Daddy will buy me a smaller one if I ask for it. Besides, I know that he won't let me use his guitar for practice because I might scratch it or worse, break it.

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