Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meet My New Cousin!

I just heard some really great news from our family in the Philippines. Mommy's younger brother's wife just gave birth to a little girl they named Marianna Nicole. She came out a little late, at 42 weeks but I am happy that she is now out in the real world. She is such an angel isn't she? According to my Mommytita Rose, she loves to sleep a lot.

I know that Kuya Miggy will look after you little Nicole. You are lucky to have him by your side as you grow up because you have an instant bodyguard and protector. I know that he will adore you and take care of you as if you are his own little sister. I look forward to the day when I too can also meet you. I know that we will become really good friends and great cousins, just you wait and see! I hope your Mommy and Daddy and Mommytita Rose will post more photos of you on Facebook so that I can also see you grow.

I pray that you will always be a healthy baby Nicole. May your guardian angel watch over you always. Know that many people love you so much, including me! Welcome to the family!

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