Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thanks for the Gifts!

Last Friday, I attended a Christmas Party. I knew it was gonna be a great one because it is, after all, a Christmas party dedicated to us little children. I really had a great time dancing with my friends, playing with them, watching some great dance performance and of course, I was so delighted upon seeing Santa Claus and receiving lots of gifts from him.

Mommy and I arrived together with my friend and her Mom and brother. We were hitching a ride in their car because my Daddy cannot come with us. He was sick that time and he wasn't feeling well enough to drive. Besides it was snowing that time so we decided that he stay home and rest and then just come to the party when he is feeling a little better.

The function hall was all set for the party. The Christmas decors were up and I really had fun with my friends, even goofing around when there wasn't so much people yet. We also danced and when it was time to meet Santa, all the children were gathered around to meet him.

When it was finally time for Santa to distribute the gifts, everyone was so attentive. I too was very alert, waiting for the moment when Santa will call my name. True enough, when he called "Samantha", I immediately stood up and went to him to get my gift. My parents and our other adult friends were so amused with me, and they kept saying how much I have grown since last Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who gave me gifts! I really loved all of them!

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