Thursday, September 16, 2010

Schwimm, Schwamm, Schwamm

I have always loved the water. Maybe because I was born under the fish sign. I love to bathe in a bad tub, in the sea or in the swimming pool. Unfortunately, I can only go swimming in big bodies of water when we are able to travel because we live in the heart of Europe, where the ocean is hundreds of miles away.

I just got back from a recent vacation in Rome, Italy, together with my family. We had a family reunion there because my grandparents and my uncle (Daddy's brother) and his family were there to share the days with us. We stayed at a camping resort near the Tiber River in Rome and it was a whole new experience for all of us. We lived in mobile homes and it was quiet and relaxing and a good place to be after a day or two of sightseeing in Vatican City and Rome.

There was a swimming pool at the camping resort. The weather was so fine one day that we decided to take a dip. Mommy, however wasn't able to pack my swim suit in my luggage so that I had to go in my onesies. I still looked cute in it but it felt really cold when I got off the water.

My Daddy was the one who swam with me and gave me some swimming lessons. I was so delighted to be in the water that I didn't want to get off. But some good things never last. Especially for a little girl like me who is prone to colds. So after a few laps, we went back to our rooms, showered and changed.

I wish we could go swimming again. And this time, wearing a proper swim suit and be able to stay longer in the pool.

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