Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Boating Adventure

I haven't experienced going on a camping trip yet nor have I gone on a fishing trip but I surely would love to experience them both. Perhaps when I am a bit older, me and my family could go on an outdoor trip: camping, hiking, fishing and doing other outdoor stuff. For now, I am happy and delighted to be sitting on a small boat pedalled by my Dad while eating ice cream and doing a little cruise around a lake. 

I have tried doing the scenario mentioned above and it was indeed lots of fun. I couldn't even wait to get on the small boat so that I insisted on sitting on a defective boat that was docked on the port while waiting for our turn to board the boat. I was able to ride one when we were driving through the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse along the Black Forest in July.

This was one of my summer adventures with my family and I was really happy to be out in the great outdoors. I got some more photos to show and more stories to tell but those are for some other blog entries. Hope you all stay tuned. 

Thanks for the visit!

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Cookie said...

Hello pretty Sam!

I wish I could go on boating with you. You're a big girl now and still very pretty. Be a good girl to your mommy & daddy ;-)
Ate Chloe is also sending her hugs to you! >o<

Mommy kikamz: Kindly change nlng my url address to
Thanks a lot and God bless your family

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