Thursday, September 16, 2010

Having A Hard Time In School?

It is back to school once again for many schoolchildren. Although not yet on K-12 myself, I am aware that many are starting on a new grade level and that means, adjusting to many things: schoolwork, classmates, subjects and so much more. It is also time to go back to reading books, solving problems, getting homeworks.

But school is easier spelled than attending it every single day, with all the Math questions that many K-12 and college students are faced with. That is why online tutoring can help a lot in solving these sometimes seemingly complicated problems. 

Many students hate Chemistry. I don't know why because I haven't studied it yet but the moment they hear about it, they would complain. They sure could use Chemistry help from my Mom or any other able tutor for that matter. 

But why online tutoring? Because children and young adults these days are more into computers and find the virtual interaction more appealing and interesting than having a face-to-face tutorial. Students can get a better understanding of prime numbers through a virtual whiteboard workspace that both the tutee and tutor can work on. And because the tutors are available 24/7, schoolchildren and students can seek Geometry help, Physics help and Chemistry homework help on any given day. The children also get specialized one-on-one instruction at the convenience of their home.

Online tutoring has all these advantages to offer. And if I should ever need help with school, I would also ask Mom to get me an online tutor if she is too busy to help me out.

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