Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Love Puzzles

A few months back, Mommy bought me a new set of board puzzles. It is an eight-piece board puzzle and has got animal figures die cut and each piece connects horizontally. It's really a very interesting puzzle and I will show you why in the succeeding photos.

I guess Mommy knows that I am interested in them because I keep seeing Timmy das Schäfchen on TV playing with them. Mommy would hear me say excitedly "Puzzle! Puzzle!" which I would pronounce as "poohsell, poohsell" so I guess she got the clue. I just enjoy solving and playing with puzzles.

One cloudy day, I got confused on what to do at home. I still haven't started with Kindergarten yet so my days are confined to playing inside the house. I was wondering what to do then... so there I was, giving my Mommy a questioning look.

WIth so many toys to choose from, it could indeed be quite confusing. I contemplated whether I would play with my puzzles or not. But then again, I chose to play with it. Hehe!

This type of puzzle is a good way for me to develop critical and analytical thinking. No two puzzle pieces fit in the same board so that I really had to think. My hand coordination is also developed during the process.

There, I did it! I managed to fit Bruno the Bear into his proper board!

After attaching all the other animals into their proper card pieces, I only had to connect them properly. This time, both sides of each card have a certain gap shape and I only had to find the corresponding piece.

Here I am, almost finished connecting all the pieces! And you can see that there's a pig, a mouse, a zebra, a frog, a bear and a duck. There is also a dog and the last card contains a puzzle piece of all seven of them. These are called "Die Lieben Sieben" or "The Beloved Seven".

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