Friday, April 3, 2009

In Our New Home Sweet Home

This is just a quick post. I would like to let everyone know that we are already here in our new home sweet home. Lots of things have happened and I will tell them all once Mommy gives me the laptop. She is too busy arranging our stuff so that she has no time to sit down with me and help me write my post. I will be posting some photos soon too so please watch out for the that.

By the way, my Mommy's blog Just About Anything is currently unavailable. She doesn't know
yet why so while it's offline, she might write here from time to time as my guest writer.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend and I miss you all!

1 comment:

Kikit said...

i'm glad we met before you left. enjoy your new life in germany. send my regards to your dad and mom. ;)

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