Saturday, April 25, 2009

Strutting My Stuff? NOT YET!

My contemporaries Yena and Yeung Lei have already achieved a major baby milestone, which is walking. Yena started walking two days before she turned 15 months while YL started earlier at 13 months.

Yena, squealing with laughter after walking towards Mommy Niko.

Yeung Lei, the little prince, proudly strutting his stuff.

I, on the other, cannot walk independently yet. But I can already stand on my own two feet without support, which is a great achievement for me. I also walk while holding on to the side of bed or the couch or while holding on to my parent's hands for support.

On my feet, playing with my spoon and food keeper.

All dressed up and ready for church.

Picking fruits? I am just practicing for
strawberry and grape-picking season!

So when will I start walking? You never can tell... I am not in a rush though. I enjoy crawling and walking with support alternately. And my 7th and 8th teeth are beginning to come out too! I guess that's a lot of milestones already!

I will definitely keep you posted with my developments. And I wish everyone a very happy weekend. We are going window shopping today and tomorrow, we might visit the Wilhelma Zoo after church! Yey!


shydub said...

You can walk soon baby sam. and you are still the cutest ever.My baby jake started walking at 11 months now he can run like a snatcher hehehe.
Btw, i have award for you baby sam grab it later after your nap hehehe

iceah said...

well that is already an achievement dear Sam c: We all walk at our own pace c:

niko said...

no hurry tlga baby sam.. kasi on ur own time naku u will surprise ur mom and dad na when u walk independently :) naku am sure kakabahan din sila baka matumba ka just like me with yena.. but that is part of learning how to walk i know u can do it!! imagine ko na.. heheh. post some pics if u strut ur stuff already!! am so excited for u hahahah

lalo ka gumaganda... naku pag laki nio ni yena at YL sana magkta kta kau at rumampa ha! it will be nice bonding heheh. YL is there to take care of the ladies.. heheh and u and yena should look after him too hahaha

katuwa may tropa na kau paglaki!!! clap clap

sandy said...

I've done quite a bit of dropping on you, left a couple of comments, and have had a pending ad for you since the 18th. I'm wondering are you not participating with EC? Just wondering how to proceed, so thought I would leave you another comment.

Umma said...

hahaha.. kakatuwa naman si baby Sam.. I know baby has its time when to start walking.. but Im pretty sure.. Sam will be walking soon and that means.. couple more days..

See? its only a matter of time na makaya na ng feet ni baby Sam in walking independently... and I just Mommy's post that indeed.. SAM is already walking by herself..

Wow Sam.. thats already a pretty good achievement for your milestone... So excited to see more of your pictures walking around everywhere.

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