Friday, March 20, 2009

Toy Hunt: Disney Character Toy

This week's Theme for TOY HUNT is ANY DISNEY CHARACTER TOY. I haven't got much toys yet so please bear with me. Here's a few Disney toys that I can find in my little basket and then some of Kuya Miggy's when we visited the Philippines:

Playing with Kuya Miggy's Red Car: Lightning McQueen.

Chip and Dale... and their little tree house in Tokyo Disneyland.

Two Stiches! You bet! He is my Mommy's favorite!

Inside a giant toyhouse with the giant telly...
Me and Daddy inside Mickey's House.
Look, the telly shrank and is now in Kuya Miggy's hands! Hihihi!

Playing Doll? With Princess Belle of Beauty and the Beast.
Someday, I will grow and I can play with her by then.
For now, I will just ignore her and sleep.

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ღ pinaymama ღ said...

love stitch and chip and dale, they are so cute!

I played too: here's my entry.

Tita Beth said...

i love stitch too, Sam just like your mom!

you have big disney toys!

anyway, you're getting bigger and cuter as days go by! I was so happy to see you in your little car, is that really you, you have long legs! :)

JoyD said...

O wow.... Nice Disney Pics!!!!!! and for sure Lil samantha loves them all!!!! Have a lovely Day Lil Princess Samantha!!!!! Take your nap .. and eat well!!!

Mira said...

These are great pieces, I haven't been playing the Toy Hunt in a while, been sooo busy. Happy weekend Little Sam.
~Tita Mira~

Jes said...

wow cute nmn!!! disney land? hehehe =)

pehpot said...

CHip and Dale is cute.. but dear you are way cuter than your Disney toys :)

Tell your mommy t visit my toy hunt entry ;)

Make or Break

niko said...

wow lotsa toys there ha.. sayang u were sleeping u didnt saw princess belle's beauty! :)

i know someday mom will bring u back there..

how are u sam baby?? do u walk alone already?? yena do sometimes, but lots of times she just crawls heheh

pls tell ur mom i cant access her blog.. ;( sadness

take care always baby!! kissses. mwah

iceah said...

so cute I like stitch too c: Josh would love the lightning mcqueen car too c:

iceah said...

mommy Kikamz I can't access your other blog may problema yata sa link?

Enchie said...

It's Stitch!!! and I like the Chip and Dale too! ako ata ang naging bata sa excitement :D

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